Monday, November 28, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ What's In Your Cup Today?

Well, this cute little guy just decided to plop down inside my cup this morning.

Just kidding. But the picture was so cute I just couldn't resist it and I know you couldn't either. I'm right, aren't I?

Wow. I had 3 days of intense read-through of my edits sent to me from my publisher. I wanted to get them done because the sooner they're done, the sooner all of you will be able to get your hands on a copy.

So, has everyone out there gotten their fill of turkey and pumpkin pie and more turkey and more pie and are you ready to get on crash diets?
I didn't have pumpkin pie--too sinful! I made that cherry pie, and that was very good, and then just this morning I made my fluffy chocolate chip cookies. So, That's what I'm having with my coffee this morning, is my chocolate chip cookie.

Share what you're having this morning, and a little bit of what you plan to do today, whether you have to go to work or what it might be.

I've got today off. I don't have very many Mondays left where I will be off, so I'm gonna make the most of it. I'm sending the short story I worked on last week to Lori W. Branson of Dark Moon Horror. I'm not real sure she'll want it--there isn't much horror in it, but it is a vampire story with action and some tongue-in-cheek moments (most of you know my brand of writing, right?) and it's from a male's perspective. I remember when I wrote "The Spy Who Bit Me", it was some years back and when I reviewed it just a short while ago, I could see right away I needed to chuck the beginning and get down to the action right away. So, we'll see if they'll take it.

I have other things pending. I'm going to be on Suburban Vampire this Wednesday, VampChix the week after that. After this, I haven't anything scheduled until I show up on Heather's Odyssey on the 19th, but I'm hoping to get some places lined up for my next book.

Okay, it's your turn!


  1. Are going to be leaving Huskie Line?

  2. In this century? Not unless I get a movie deal.

    My appearances are virtual.

    I'll be seeing you tomorrow, like always, and you can follow me again!

  3. That is TOO cute! In my cup this morning is black coffee with sugar. I ran out of creamer. :(

    Best of luck on your short story! And I'm getting excited about your visit on my blog!

  4. Oh, Heather, I couldn't have coffee without sugar (Splenda), and creamer. You're one tough gal!

    And thank you.

    And now you're making me nervous! My first one is this week!

  5. I got to work at 9 am this morning and did a 100 dollars in services. It died around 11:30 am while I was doing a haircolor and style. So at 2 pm I went home.

    For breakfast, I always eat oatmeal and scrambled egg whites with two spoonfuls of raisins. I also have two large cups of hot tea.

    Now, I'm reading blogs.

    Later, I've got my writer's group.

  6. Hey, sweetie, always nice when you stop by and do my hair and I give you a plate of cookies (^;


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