Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Long Awaited Pics of my New Kitchen

Yes. I know. This happened way back in the spring, into summer. And finally got our new stove in just a few weeks ago.
I'll take you on the tour.

 Keep in mind this house was built by homesteaders, the original house was elsewhere. This one was built (we are guessing) in 1906. The house was part of a dairy farm.It now sits on re-planted prairie and newly mitigated wetlands, called Afton Forest Preserve, which Dennis and I are managers of. There are three floors, we live only in the downstairs, and the attic is large enough to put some extra hands up there (which I'm told had been used in exactly that way during the hey-day).

First to up-date you on conditions of the old kitchen.The old cupboards were white and very old. The floor was an ugly brown carpet. There were 4 drawers total. There are now 9. Now more cupboard space as well, plus I can store my wash basin below the sink and a few other things whereas before--NOT. I love these curtains we found at Walmart. They are ecru and coffee brown--with coffee cups and the words late and mocha across them. Cute?
as viewed from door stepping in from dining room
 We now have a nice vent and light above the stove as well as small cabinets above where we store liquor spices and oils for cooking. Above, I show off my three copper kettles. One was my grandmother's--yes one of my antiques.

from opposite end of the room. This stove has
been replaced by a new electric one
  This is our view out the window. It is not uncommon to see deer stroll through--but you have to be looking when they do, or they disappear back into the pines, trees and thick brush we've allowed to grow wild for them.
And the floor is a nice color, looks a bit like stone, and hides the dirt--which reminds me I need to wash it!!!

There you have it I hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. It's beautiful hon! Wow, I love it and I bet you do too. Definitely well worth the wait.

  2. I think so. Just too bad it took us to live here 17 years before it would be done. Oh well.

    Now for the living room. Got the drapes. One thing at a time.

  3. Wait! That was the tour! When I saw the word liquor, I was already planning a road-trip. ;)
    Very nice. To tell you the truth, I had forgotten about the new kitchen. Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, I haven't written it yet, but Monday's post should be some book reviews, including yours. See you then.


  4. Yeah, sorry. But had to get the film all used up.

    So, you're saying one needs to ply you with liquor to get you over to visit? LOL!

    And looking forward to your post tomorrow! I'll be there with bells on--why do people say this? No wonder it's a cliche'!


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