Thursday, November 10, 2011

No-Name Thursday ~ My Day Went Fine

I had wished for no rain today--because we'd gotten rain for two days, basically. Well, it didn't rain but we did get one doozy of a cloud burst snow shower. It lasted for about 5 minutes, and quit. We then had a couple of small showers, with peeks of sun after that.

My day went fine. I always seem to cultivate friendships from a few young college men that find me interesting enough to slouch against the front area behind me (while I drive the bus) to talk to me during the 15 min. trip from campus to where they live. Each semester I loose one and gain one or two. The end of this semester I'll be loosing one. Michah is a biology major and he's moving to New Mexico where they don't get quite the diversity of temps, and--as I stressed--more beautiful surroundings. I will miss him. We had some interesting conversations in the past. *sigh*. But, I'll keep in mind all the things we spoke of and because of one area of interest in blood, I may have an interesting thing to use in a future book.

Why is it the young men will speak to me and not so much young women? I don't know. It was like that when I was younger. Guys gravitate to me more. There are some young women who will say hi to me. And of course older women who get on my bus will speak to me, too. But then we already have a lot in common. I think it's just something about me and my ways. While these young guys know I'm approximately as old as their mother, I'm not their mother and I dont' act like it. I can talk on their level. I tend to know what makes them chuckle and I think it's what they like best about me. I think that maybe also they like to talk to me because there is no pressure. And we're just chatting. Whereas if they speak to women their age, there is always some sort of pressure.

Because of the fact I'm waiting on edits, I'm not joining in any reindeer games blog hops, or anything that asks you to write flash fiction. I need to concentrate on what I need to do for the next couple of months. Gadz am I glad I didn't go ahead with NaNo. And glad that everyone out there is sort of busy with it. I'm feeling no pressure about doing posts, no one is really coming here to make comments, but that's okay. I don't mind. I just check on things and go back to my work.

Tomorrow is Friday, and it's Veteran's Day. Be thankful toward those who have sacrificed much in the name of our country.

Have a great evening and an even better Friday, everyone!


  1. I love the snow so much better than the rain! I grew up in an area that rained sometimes nine months out of the year. Talk about depressing!

    I completely understand the need to focus on edits. I hope you'll have time to drop by and say hi once in a while though. Happy editing!

  2. Nine months rain? Wow. I wouldn't be able to take that as I have SAD.

    However, if I'm working, I don't care what it's doing outside. And as far as rain, I like the sound of it--as long as it doesn't turn into a violent storm (^;

    Yep. I'm working on the short story. Still waiting on book's edits to be sent to me. I see these and I know things will move swiftly there after.


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