Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaser Tuesday ~ More from Vampire's Trill

This is from Chapter 9 from Trill: You ever get creeped out walking down a hallway in a strange place by yourself? Sabrina has!

There were other offices, along this hallway, of course, and I had no idea what they were for. I only knew that vampires worked in them nightly possibly for Tremayne Enterprises. It spooked me to walk this way by myself. I normally had Dante with me. Last night had been my first time coming this way by myself. It was no less stressful tonight.
With my new, improved Were hearing, I could now hear a vampire's approach, even on carpet. Two vampires, in fact. I stopped and pressed my back to the wall, allowing two male vampires in Armani suits pass. They smiled and made slight bows to me, meaning they had no intention of bothering me. Heart pounding, I cast my gaze down, allowing them to continue on. Learning the subtle rules and vampire etiquette here went far in keeping a vampire's fangs out of me. The first thing I'd learned was to never allow a vampire to walk behind me. Never. A vampire who follows you becomes a stalker and hunter. Plain and simple. My allowing the two to pass meant I was not available to become their happy meal. Their nodding to me affirmed that they understood this. I averted my eyes quickly, just to make certain they understood I really, really wasn't a willing donor. Looking straight into a vampire's eyes was the next best way of becoming a victim—lesson number two. It would not help if you weren't a registered donor, I knew they would bite first and ask questions later. I didn't care if they had monitors, and laws in place. A vampire could get his fix and move on. At the very most they'd get fined for biting a non-donor. Also, in most cases, it would take a vampire less than two seconds to put the thrall on a human. Some older vampires could do it across the room with or without eye contact. For some even older vampires, like Tremayne, or Vasyl, it merely took a thought. Both could thrall me at a distance. Tremayne could do it even through the phone. That was scary as hell. But then both masters had had my blood.

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