Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week ~ Coffee Klatch Monday

Hey, guys! I know that you're all getting geared up for the Thanksgiving feast this week. I'm definitely looking forward to making the feast in our new oven this year. After having to go out last year for the dinner (and having to pay $4 for each piece of pumpkin pie!) And there were no left-overs! We are definitely looking forward to baking it ourselves. Dennis does the turkey. I do the stuffing, and we share the rest of the duties. Just the two of us this year, like most years. Oh, and I'm looking forward to that bottle of pumpkin wine we bought at the Pumpkin Fest!!!

So, my dears. You know how this works. First: Tell us all what you are enjoying this morning in your coffee and what you are having with it.

Here are some great pictures to drool over:

I want this in the worst way!


And since I'm in the baking mood--I'm going to put together a cherry pie today--all from scratch, not using canned pie filling, but making my own to avoid the corn syrup. Thus, I'm going to share a few great places to pick up some recipes.

First up, in honor of the pie-baking today, here is Pie Crust 101 straight from The Blog Entrouage. Just scroll down on their page, and you'll find it. It's a very easy to follow, and best way to make your crust--it's exactly how I've always made mine!

pinching the pie crust edges

pumpkin ginger muffins from Simply Recipes

And I have found a great place to check out for all sorts of recipes. It's called Simply Recipes and there is a delicious recipe for pumpkin ginger muffins you might want to try, but there's loads of recipes to look at and try. I gave them my email so that I don't miss a thing! I want to try everything!

So, what are your plans for this holiday? What are you baking? Let's share it!


  1. Well just had 2 eggs fried with 2 strips of almost burnt super crispy bacon. Coffee is my blend of 2Lb of Dunkin Donuts regular blend with 1 L of Dunkins French Vanila. I make a36 oz pot. I drink half at home the other half on the bus.

  2. Well, sounds like John Z. is ready for his day on the #7 bus! Have a great day, John. See you tomorrow, and thanks for dropping in and sharing your morning with us! (^;

  3. I'm planning on making thanksgiving dinner for my family and inlaws and perhaps a few friends like every year. So looking forward to that 'tastes like home' holiday!

  4. Can I come over to your house?! That sounds so good, and you must be so excited about cooking the turkey in your new oven! It will be just my hubby and me here too but that's all we need. Well, that and my online friends of course! :)

  5. CQG--sounds real good. HOpe you have a great time with family & friends.

    Heather, come on over LOL! And I'll be out here too, while the turkey cooks, so see you then!

  6. When you get to be a certain age, ahem, you start your day with oatmeal but I do dress it up to make it more palatable.

    Thanksgiving this year will be spent with my son's girlfriend's family. I guess things are getting serious. I'm also hoping to get some of my writing done. Work seems to have slowed down, somewhat, so this means I'll have more time to focus. Yay!

  7. Oatmeal. yeah. ahem...

    Hope you have a great T.G., lady.

    Hey, means you don't have all the clutter and junk afterward in your place. You can go home and . . .write!!!

  8. My roommate's stepdad makes some REALLY good sausage filling for the turkey that we asked him to make extra of this year. Not this year, but next I'll be going out west to spend Thanksgiving with my family.


  9. Well, that all sounds wonderful! Thanks for adding your comment, Nellie!


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