Monday, December 26, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ Life is Short...

Hello, my pretties...

Yes. LIFE IS TOO SHORT, so enjoy your coffee. I like this message. Especially as we look forward to a new year. Whatever your hopes and dreams for the coming year, I hope they come true.

Since the second book is now out there, I'm working on the third book more heavily. You'll all want to read that for sure.

I'm announcing winners of a few contests for the second book here later on. They already know that they are about to get the books.


  1. I'm so sad now. *laughs* I had to skip coffee this morning due to this pesky cold! Thanks for your note yesterday. Obviously I ran myself down, but I'm feeling better after two days of couchtime with dvds and way too much sleep for a normal person to need! Perhaps I can have some coffee tomorrow. *crosses fingers*



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