Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vampire's Trill Book Tour & CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVEAWAY!

The other day I had a conversation with a young man on my bus who is an English major. His name is Tony, and he reviewed my first book,Vampire Ascending, for me at the paper he worked for at the time. He was very excited about my second book having come out. (Tony's review is included my "reviews" page)

He said "Well, all the hard work is done, huh?"

"No. Not really," I said. "Promoting it is a lot of work too. What I need is for people to talk about it to other people. Give it support."

Since Tony read and loved my book (gave it 4 1/2 stars, and compared my writing to Anne Rice), he was happy to oblige. He told me he would get in touch with his ex-editor and give my book a shout out. I told him that would help me.

I love being in touch with my audience, and talk about the books, it gives any author a sense of accomplishment--to know that they enjoyed the first book and want to read the next one so badly they can't wait for the second one to come out, and are willing to help give it a boost.

Are you one of those people? Are you willing to help out and share the news of my second book's launch Vampire's Till, and have a chance to win a copy (ebook or paperback--your choice)?

If so, here is what I'm doing this month. From Monday the 5th, up through December 24th, I'm having my book launch. If you wish to be part of it this is what you can do:

1. Be or become a follower on this blog--and make a comment that you are / have done so.(1point)

2. Follow the book(s) on my Fan Page on facebook--you can request to join it and I will add you to it, if you are not already there (this will count as 2 points)

3. Post about the book on your blog. Or you can host me at your blog, if you wish--I would love to be on your blog. (2- for posting about it, 3 points for hosting me on your blog at some point)

4. Follow the book tour every week and share on Twiter, and/or facebook, or post about the tours (my appearances) as they happen. (2 points each:Twitter, facebook, post)

5. Each week I will be on another blog, and will announce it on Monday, beginning this Monday. Stop by, grab the link and post about it on your blog during the week, Tweet, share to facebook and leave a message in comments noting that you did. (1 point for each thing--total combined 3 points)

Each thing above has point values, as marked. For the next 3 weeks you will add to your points every time you do any of the above things.

At the end of the 3 weeks (December 25th) I will add up the points for each person. Second place winner will have their choice of ebook of either Vampire's Trill OR Vampire Ascending--ebooks or the paperback copies.

First place winner will win both books (choice of ebook or paperback)! Plus...

Items will vary, but these are things that might be added:

gem pen

note pad

bath salts

Again, it will be up to you, if you continue to come back to this blog, announce/comment on one of my blog posts Monday thru Friday, throughout the month what you have done and I will announce the gift of that week on Sunday. I will announce winners on January 1st.


  1. You know I'm in and not because of the give-a-aways but because I loved your first book and loved Sabrina and the whole world you concocted, including those devilish hunks (let me say right here though that I would LOVE to win a paperback at some point as I'm hoping to buy your ebook today if I can get all of the technology right if you know what I mean). I'm your number 1 fan - no I'm not stalking you!! LOL. I would also love to write a review if I can find the time. Notice I have a lot of provisos here but just to give you color, they fired about 100 people at my company last Thursday and Friday (thankfully I still have a job) so the quiet time I was expecting around the holidays is not to be. Let me just say the little time I was expecting to have after October did not materialize as I had one project after another. These days you don't want to complain that you have too much work to do!! Anyhoo - sorry I'm digressing - yes, yes, a thousand time yes. I'll be here to help spread the word. As far as ideas, not an earth-shattering one I grant you, but your book will make a great Christmas gift for the friends or family that have a Nook or Kindle. Do you have an expected date of when the hard cover will be released? What would you say is the age group for this book so I can recommend it to friends and family? Speak soon

  2. You know I'm all over it hun! I'm so excited for your release!!!

  3. Wow, Dora--where do I start?
    1. I'm so happy you still have a job--that's important in todays economy.
    2. Very happy to have you claiming to be my #1 fan--I seem to have a number of them and that by no means is mean to be a trivial claim. I'm lucky to have found even one, let alone many!
    3. Go to Lorelei's Writing Journal and read that blog. We'll go from there.
    4. Release for the paperback is next week. I will announce it here.
    5. At Smashwords they actually have a statement saying no one under 17. But that's up to you because of (duh) the sex scenes and language used.
    6. I hope you can find the time to write a review. Even if it's as short as three words (I LOVED IT!) and plaster it everywhere--of course!
    7. I love my stalkers and lurkers and you are right up there as my #1 stalker/lurker/fan (^;
    My very best to you ~ Lorelei

  4. Heather, dear, you are my little chearleader! You have always been there from the beginning, and I'm so glad to have you as my friend. I wish I could give everyone of you guys something. It's just that I need to be fair and do a contest. And you never know who will win this.
    So, let the contest begin!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh, and by te way, I will be featured on Haher's blog on December 19th, as we have aready set this up in advance.

    So, any o you who wn to gie me a date--I do all the work and send it to you in an email--let me know.

    On Monday I will be on VAMPCHIX, thansto Michele Hauf. More on that on Monday.


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