Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Coffee Klatch Monday!

I'd like to pounce on that delectable right now!

Well, how are you all?

Yes, yes. I know. Monday again.

How many of you are working on one or two WIP?

Uhuh, I see a number of hands. Good. I feel like I'm not alone. At the moment of this writing I'm working on two. But I'm trying to concentrate on just one at a time. But that's hard when a new one starts up in my head. Just need to get it out so that I can work on the one that is prominent.

What POV do you prefer to write in? Third person, first person? And do you ever mix them within the same story?


  1. Well, I do like first person. However, I do have one in third. And yes, I've mixed them up. It seems the trend since Stephanie Myers and PC Cat.

  2. Also Sunny (yeah, just one name), author of "Mona Lisa Blossoming" and the one I read, "Lucinda, Darkly" did this and that was where I had encountered it.

    I may have to read this one again. It's about a demon princess... some of it is rather erotic. I guess she's compared to Laurell K. Hamilton, but I'd not put them in the same company. Sunny has a much better style, technique...I need not go on.

  3. I definitely prefer third person. Yet third person from only one character's point of view. I sometimes use first person in short stories, but most of the time, it doesn't feel natural for me.


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