Monday, February 20, 2012

Coffee Klatch Monday - Book Signing?

Hey, out there! I thought I'd put up a TEA cup, because some of you like tea, so here is equal time!

So, as you may know I'm looking to get a book signing somewhere else. I canceled with B&N. My reasons were justified. No one ordered the book and I wasn't going to sit there and be a victim of their stupid rules and so I canceled before they could ditch me. (You can't fire me! I QUIT!)

I was going to approach this grocery store manager where me and my husband shop twice a week, and I'm in there all the time because my bus route stops right in front of their store. I've talked to him a number of times in the past. He's a very nice, friendly person. We even have pet names for one another because he couldn't pronounce my name. So, I am "Dove Chocolate". And his is "Top Banana". I hadn't had the chance to speak to Top Banana, and to breach the subject was rather difficult for me in the two minutes I might have when I run in and use the a-hem... I mean we're talking about a grocery store, here. Why would he want to host a book signing? (shrug)

So, today I get this email from John R., a long-time friend of mine. His daughter happens to work at this store. She actually spoke with Top Banana about my having a book signing at the store and according to the email, he likes the idea. He likes doing different things to bring people into the store. Just last week he hosted a breakfast for couples who had been married for 50 years or longer on Valentines Day. They hosted 150 people in the store! You should have seen it! They had them in the deli, and produce playing bingo!

Anyway, I was astounded! First of all that someone would go out of their way to approach someone about me having a book signing in a store where they work--in my behalf! And the fact that I was actually going to ask him myself... at some point when I got up the nerve. Some real behind the scenes going's on here (Mom, you're winking, I know you are!)

So, there's no doubt I've got my peeps and my guardian angels all watching over me, somehow working their magic into the frame work of my crazy life.

So, I didn't quit believing I'd have a book signing. I didn't let this business get me down. I moved on. I didn't panic. I went into Plan B mode... and Plan B fell into place before I could actually take a step in any direction.
Lorelei Bell is author of "Vampire Ascending",
"Vampire's Trill" and "Spell of the Black Unicorn"


  1. Sounds like a great and promising idea! Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Dora. I'm so excited. I've envisioned this for a while!

  3. I'm so glad you pursued other avenues and pulled through! Very proud of you. :) By the way, the Surrey International Conference (Canada) invites authors to come for a free book fair signing~no cost to authors, just bring your books~and I thought you might be interested. I think I'm going this year. :)

  4. Sounds like a good time, Heather (^;


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