Sunday, October 20, 2013

Teaser Tuesday ~ Vampire's Trill - "Leif"

Since I've gone Indie I'm finding older posts which had my ex-publisher's link to the book, and now no longer available through them. Thus I'm republishing this post from "Vampire's Trill". Possibly you may remember it. If not, happy reading.

I turned to find Leif had draped himself in his usual bad-boy pose in the narrow doorway. He had that hungry look in his eyes, and with Leif, you couldn't tell which thing he needed the most—blood or sex. I didn't know where Heath had gone. Then I heard his voice from the other room. He was on the phone.
“Luv, you look absolutely delicious. Give us some.”
“Screw you,” I shot back, having gotten used to his terrible ribbing. Smiling, I turned to open the microwave. I turned back around to find a big, bad vampire invading my space. Gasping with a start, I stopped abruptly nearly losing my grip on the very warm bottles. A thread of fear slid through me as I felt a spike of adrenaline jump-start my heart. The light brown rings of his irises were growing thinner, and the black pupils were growing larger. Crap. He was vamping out on me, big time.
“Only if you participate, luv,” he said. His comeback was the usual raunchiness, and dammed if it didn't pull on my libido.
I made a scathing sound, trying to make believe I wasn't frightened, or suddenly turned-on. I tried to sell it with a roll of the eyes. I didn't want to trip off his pheromones — more than they were already,that is. Leif and I had never been alone together — until last night, of course. I was glad that his brother had come to his aid last night. Him being under this roof alone with me, a vulnerable warm-blooded woman, wasn't in my best interest.
“Was he good, luv?”
“Huh?” I blinked at him in surprise.
“Vasyl. Was he good to you? He make you scream?”
Frowning, I backed away from him, and into the little microwave table. He snagged one of the bottles from my hand and took a long pull from it. Licking his lips in what seemed to me an elaborate display of bloodied fangs, he smiled back at me. He put the free hand on the refrigerator, corralling me in the corner between the microwave, the small breakfast table, and the refrigerator.


  1. Wow the tension practically drips off the page. I Love this! Fantastic excerpt that left me dying to read more.

  2. Thanks Shelly, and Heather!

    Nice to come home and find some comments on this blog from my groopies!

  3. Awesome teaser! Love the tension and the teasing.

  4. Shared!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Thank you!
    Chocolate (pumpkin) hugs!


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