Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Post ~ Events

Birdsong waking me up in the morning... nothing better. Unless I'm outside enjoying coffee with my husband. The birds were all making a good racket. The woodpecker drumming on his favorite branch, the geese down in the pond getting things going early as the sun rose in the east. Beautiful morning, but will become hot quickly. He has just installed the window air conditioner in my office, so I'll be comfy (^;

Got a few things to announce. First, my third book, Vampire Nocture, is with my publisher, so that's out of my mind for now. Then, after finishing the short story, I went and turned to the fourth book. Wouldn't you know it? Like a siren's song, I was drawn to it. This one is slightly different, and a little bit of a challenge as I will be writing the book from different POV from other characters, such as Bjorn Tremayne, Bill Gannon, and so on. I'm writing from Sabrina's POV in first person. Everyone else is in 3rd person. This one has required me to look into different real places for the book. I've had to pull up maps of places like Colorado Springs, and also Paris. I happen to love doing research, so I don't mind digging up stuff for the background of my characters. It takes time, but I don't mind it. I like to take Sabrina to new places. Some places I've been before (like Colorado Springs/Colorado, Nebraska, etc.), and others I've never been at all (like Paris).


Up-coming post: I will have author, Heather McCorkle over for a visit on Thursday. I'm very happy to be part of her book tour, for her book To Ride a Puca. This sounds like a great read about the Druids! I'm excited for Heather!

My good friend, Carole Gill also has a book tour coming up, and it is very exciting for her as she is re-releasing her book, The House on Blackstone Moor. To find where she will be visiting in the upcoming weeks, you can go to her blog HERE. to find the links for each stop. There will be giveaways too.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Let me know, leave a comment, if you want.


  1. I love doing research too! It adds so much to my writing. And book 4 sounds excellent, I love that we'll be hearing Bjorn's POV! And thanks for the shout out! I'm looking forward to the visit!

  2. Yes, Heather. You must be having fun with this! And you must have had enjoyment researching for this book as well!

  3. hey, you. you aleady know what i'm doing. baby's in the other arm.

  4. Hello, Lorelei. *waves* That does sound like a beautiful morning. I was up far too early this morning and did not get to enjoy it that way. It is Swedish Festival weekend here in Kingsburg. It's out big yearly event - I mentioned it in my debut. I took my 14 year old down for their 2 mile pre-festival race. We then had to go home and get him back, dressed for his junior high marching band's performance. Then we spent more time gearing up for both of my sons' graduations this year; one from high school and the other from junior high. It doesn't sound like it, but I am finally getting some rest as I type this. Hope you are, too.


  5. Yes, Shelly. You keep that little one safe. You are something, my dear! My hat is off to you!

    Jimmy, yes! I do remember this festival mentioned in your first book. This sounds like quite a time for you! Enjoy it. They grow too fast. Soon they will be out of the nest and you may have a few moments time to rest then! LOL!


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