Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Human Hard Ass Meets Vampire Hard Ass

Hi everyone! It's that time again! I thought I'd grab something out of the up-coming third book, and give you a tease. Here I have Sabrina seeking help from Tremayne. They are discussing how to best get into a park without anyone noticing them. Their argument is put on hold when a cop shows up.

Headlights and then flashing red, blue and white lights brought our little discussion to a halt. A cop pulled up along side us. Not one of DuKane's finest, but a state trooper.
Shit,” I said under my breath.
Tremayne turned casually toward him and leaned against my car looking as though he'd stepped away from a luxury high-rise party wearing the latest from his own line of clothing. The state trooper emerged from his vehicle. Reassuringly he touched his gun and the night stick, on his lean sides, and strode up.
This was going to be interesting. Human Hard Ass meets Vampire Hard Ass.
Hi folks,” he said, all traces of personality wiped off his face, and totally vacant from his voice. I'd heard that if a state trouper pulled you over, be ready to be dragged through the coals if you got one toe out of line. “'S there a problem?”
No,” Tremayne replied, smiling. His voice had much more carry than the trooper's. “We're acquaintances.”
That right, ma'am?” The state man's flash beamed in at me.
Yeah,” I said, blinking and turning my head away slightly. “We know each other.”
So, every thing's okay?” he asked, moving the flashlight off of me and up into Tremayne's face who towered over the guy. Tremayne had to turn his head away quickly too. I could feel him holding back a hiss of revulsion and a need to pulverize the trooper for such a infraction. “Sir, have you been drinking?”
Drinking what?” Tremayne snarled through gritted teeth.
Can I see your driver's license, sir?” he asked Tremayne.
Sure.” Tremayne eased his hand back to his pants pocket, eyes on the trooper's face, who trained his flashlight beam on where Tremayne's hand had gone. “There's nothing going on here. You got a call and you need to go,” Tremayne said in an even tone.
The knuckles of my hands on the wheel had turned white. Sweat slipped down my underarms tickling me and soaking my bra. The squirt gun filled with holy water in a shoulder holster that I'd decided to bring along, instead of the Dagger of Delphi at my side suddenly felt ridiculous. I hesitated carrying the dagger because I knew I would be meeting Tremayne. I'd seen it plunge into a vampire's chest in my living room without my toughing it. I didn't want that to happen to Tremayne. At least, not this night. A scene of myself spread eagle on my hood popped up inside my head as I listened to the exchange outside my window. I cringed imagining the officer finding the water pistol on me like a loaded revolver—Ooo, dangerous woman.
The state trooper blinked up at Tremayne, turned, then stepped around his car, got in, and drove off.
I released a huge sigh of relief. “Thank God!”
Which one?” Tremayne chuckled obnoxiously. He leaned into my window again. “I could have gotten rid of him before he got out of his car, but this was much more fun. I loved seeing your expression, as if we were doing something we shouldn't be.”
Yeah. Glad you had so much fun,” I said without humor, powered up my window and slid out. I shut my door and locked up. “Give me a ride into the middle of the park, and let's get hunting.”
Piggy-back, or side-saddle?”
You are full of it tonight,” I lashed out. “Carry me.” I held out my hands ready to grasp his shoulders. I would need a stepladder to reach them.
Mmm, like over the threshold?”
Not funny!” 

© 2012 Lorelei Bell


  1. Great excerpt! Tremayne has such fun. I was smirking the whole time.

  2. Thanks, Christine. I love his droll sense of humor, and how he can pull Sabrina's strings just so.

  3. In his own way Tremayne is a bit of a charmer. ;)

  4. I love this! It's stylish and fun. Really good, Lorelei!

  5. Heather, he is at that. (^;

    Thank you Carole! Glad you enjoyed it!


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