Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goals for Rest of Summer

Wow. I just realized the other day that we are more than half-way through the month of July. Probably because I've been busy with writing, and getting my runs covered for when I go on vacation.

Vacation! YAY! We need to get away, and not for a short few days. We love to go on long road trips that put us over a thousand miles away from home. We like to explore new places, and if things work out right, we may visit two new states: Oregon and Washington-at least drive through and see what it's like. Our main goal is to get to Glacier, Montana. We have a room waiting for us and that will come on the "going home" end of the trip.

As for GOALS, I've always set goals for myself. I don't often post about them, because I never know if I'm going to be able to finish them or not. But this time what I've done is placed all my writing activities on my left sidebar. It gives people an idea of what I'm up to, and what I've done so far. You will see my top two things are my WIP's. Yes. I've two novels I'm working on simultaneously. One is my mystery/detective, and the other is the fifth novel in the Sabrina Strong Series. They are as different as night and day!

What happened to my third and fourth novels in the series you ask?

If you look below the WIP's, #3 book, Vampire Nocturne, is with the publisher. And #4 Vampire Caprice, is in a later draft--finished, but I need to do edits. Vampire Caprice was the one I worked on last summer and surprised myself and got it done in about 3 months. It just flew from my fingers onto the page. Of course it was a first draft, and as in all first drafts things change. I had to also get sections written later on that were omitted, mainly because I simply didn't have it in me until a later draft. That's often the case with a first draft. If you have to skip something because you just don't know, or are not sure what you'll want there, the best thing to do is just skip it if you know what's coming up. It is how I avoid the "writers block" syndrome. So go ahead and write that next scene, worry about the other things to fill in later. I sometimes have to do research, and if I'm just too busy to do it, I move on. Although I do love to research things.

Below that list I have my shorter pieces and where they stand. I've written a novelette--this was something I had wanted to write, and it happened back in June when I had some time off. It's in a first draft.

My short stories are either in a review stage, or writing stage.

So, what are your writing goals? Do you post them on a side bar? Some of you have a very neat way of posting them. I saw Christine Rains' writing goals and accomplishments on her blog page. Love it, Christine! Many of you have some way of posting your writing goals. Share them if you like in a comment.

Next Sunday I'll be looking forward to getting my bags packed. My husband has our trip all mapped out. Our only worry is the Stergis Rally in S.D., as it begins sometime next month, and it becomes difficult to get a room in a motel. All I know is I'm looking forward to getting back up to Montana again!


  1. Wow, two novels at one time, you rock! Great to hear that your 3rd and 4th books in your series are still on track too, that's awesome. I'm waiting for them! My writing goals are to get a book I have due out next year with Compass Press edited, and begin writing a new one. I don't post on my sidebar but I do share goals each Wednesday with my readers. :) Montana, I've never been there. Take lots of pictures to share!

  2. Yes, I see that you do, Heather. It's good to have these goals. I guess I'm never sure if any of my goals matter to anyone but me. But I thought that maybe people want to know where my next books are in the series.

    I plan on taking pictures and hope to post them. Montana is great! Esp. the northwest and Glacier is the one place in the lower 48 where you can see a glacier.

  3. I've got to get my first book up and running. It's in the editing and beta readers stage.

    I've never been to Glacier, though I have been in Montana. Lovely state.

  4. You're keeping busy. Sounds like a good vacation is in order. :)

  5. ~Hey, William. I wish you lots of luck on your first book!
    And you have Waterton, we have Glacier. But we will be going to other areas of Montana, and into Idaho.

    ~David, thanks for joining us. I need a good vacation. But my husband needs it more, as he works out doors. This has been a terrible summer here!


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