Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sizzling Saturday & My Husband's Birthday

The temperatures around here (northern Ill.) have been at 100 degrees or better for the past 4 days. We hope that sometime tomorrow it will cool down. Rain would be nice too.

My husband's birthday is today. He calls himself the "watermellon baby" because that's what his mother craved while carrying him. This is a picture of him on our trip north last year. He's looking out on Lake Superior here.

He also shares his birthday with Kevin Bacon--same age too! So, I'd say he's only one degree away from Kevin Bacon (remember that? I have no idea what the significance of that was).

The pregnant, half-wild cat had her babies in the hollow of an older catalpa tree. She is not a pet. She does not show any affection whatsoever toward us. If she meows at my husband (who feeds her, and doesn't trust me a lick), it's a rarity. But as she was pregnant--and the weather has been very unenjoyable, we knew she was merely going through things. Now her belly is flat, and flabby. It's almost comical to see. I don't know when we will see the kittens, but we respect her privacy and are letting her take care of them. She may move them at some point. I don' t know. Although I wouldn't be surprised if, in a few weeks, some morning we see a bunch of little young'uns out in the yard. That would be cute. Wish I could take pics to share, but I can't. Just have to describe this best I can.

Since it's going to be another scorcher, we are not going out for any birthday celebration. At our age we just aren't all that into it, anyway. I was able to buy a card for him yesterday, and found an old display from his 50th b-day party, and put it up. "I wish I was fifty," he murmured. But he liked that I remembered him.

Hope all of you are safe, dry, cool, and what have you. If you are experiencing this heat wave, please be aware heat exhaustion will take you by surprise. If you jog, or any sort of out-door activities should be done early, get plenty of water, and if you feel nausious, or dizzy, get out of the heat. I've had the symptoms. These are dangerous and may lead to worse conditions if you don't take care. Also, check up on the elderly and make sure that they are getting to cool areas as well.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby. And I feel bd about the heat. Take care.


  2. Thanks, Shelly! I just emailed you again. (^;

  3. Ooh, that heat. Excellent reminder about heat exhaustion. Serious stuff! Happy birthday to your husband, and the kittens, wherever they may be (hiding in a hollow in that big ol' Catalpa?)

  4. Yes, Linda, I ran into one of our drivers who seemed to be experiencing the first stages of heat exhaustion. I couldn't convince her to just go home. I hope she's okay today and stays home!

    Thank you from Dennis and the kittens. (^;

  5. Happy Birthday Dennis! I did play that Kevin Bacon game, at one time. lol

  6. I knew there had to be someone out there that remembered that one!

    Thanks, Miranda for the birthday wishes

  7. Thanks for the update. Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I'm still busy picking up the pieces now that I am fully indie. I'm good, though. No worries.
    We were watching the news tonight and saw that the temperature seemed to be coming down now for you guys. I hope so.
    Here in central California it is over 100 every day for the next 5-7 days. As long as the AC is working, I'll be fine. This is why I never complain in Dec/Jan. because I know 105 is coming.
    Take care, Lorelei, and happy belated birthday to your husband.


  8. Happy birthday to your hubby! I hope you guys get to go somewhere nice and cool. It's been pretty hot here too, though not quite as hot as where you are. We reached 95 yesterday and today is looking to be the same. I need a pool!

  9. Thanks, Jimmy. I know you can't be everywhere at once. You had to hang up that cape some time back. But we're good.

    We have kissed those 100's good bye. But our biggest problem is the drought. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but it's as bad as I've ever seen it. They may have to give up on the corn around here.

    Heather, I'm with you. A pool, and a pool guy, and some nice cold drinks!

    Thanks for wishing Dennis a happy b-day. That's nice of you guys!


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