Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Have Returned!

Hello, my pretties! So glad to be home, but had enjoyable time in Glacier Nat'l Park!
My husband and I had a long 9 and 1/2 hours drive yesterday, came through South Dakota, after staying in the cheapest motel out of the whole trip, and through southern Minnesota, and insane driving through Wisconsin, home. My husband did a wonderful job getting us to our destination and back home again safely.
On our way out we came across two accidents, one had just happened, and it was a good thing we had been late in getting out on the road, or you just never know what might have happened. Both involved semis. The first one had us all stopped on the Interstate for about 5 minutes. A semi had somehow gone off the road into the ditch and tried to bring his rig back out, but now was stuck. We see these drivers of 18-wheelers who have a trying job of keeping that thing between the lines, but we also saw a few who were weaving--doing whatever it was they were doing, and making me nervous as a cat in a dog pound.
Aside from that were our motels. You know how you never know what the bed will be like--hard or soft? Or where they decide to place the toilet paper rolls. In some cases you are required to be a contortionist, or have an arm the length of an orangutan.
And then there's the no shower thing. I knew that our 99-year old lodge would not have a tub. I am a bath lover. I don't like showers. I need to shave my legs at the end of the day, and have a hard time figuring out how to do this standing up without water dripping into my eyes, etc. Well, our shower at the lodge was just big enough to maybe turn around and hit everything. Bending down was a huge problem w/o knocking over the soap on the tiny ledge, or getting water on the floor because you might have pushed the curtain out a little too far. At one point I considered going hairy like Jane (of Tarzan). But I somehow managed not to.
And a warning to any of you who consider traveling to/through North Dakota. Don't. Unless you can drive from Jamestown, N.D. to somewhere in the middle of Montana in one day to get to a motel, you're going to have trouble finding a room in any motel (unless you have a reservation). The oil dig is going strong and hot, and these people who have come from all across the U.S. are living in motels, on farmer's land, in the camp grounds, and places not designated for camping. I'll probably have to devote our try at finding a room at Glendive MT a whole post, when I get a chance. It involved getting lost on a back road making that day a day we would like to forget.
So, anyway, we're home and safe. We even brought back the cooler temps and some rain with us!
And I did get some writing done, which is a plus.


  1. Thank goodness you were late getting on the road! *shivers* Sounds like you had a great time though and yay for getting a bit of writing done!

  2. Yes, Heather. Thanks for chiming in!
    Pictures will be coming at some point in time. I'll have more on the trip later on.

  3. Hey, secret crush! *grins*
    Glad you're back and that you had a good time. I would like to travel a bit and see some of this great country, but it hasn't quite been in the cards. Hopefully one of these days.
    Talk to you soon.


  4. You'll find the time at some point, I'm sure, Jimmy. Great about the book!

  5. Welcome back! Like you, I hate showers. You're right. North Dakota does not have an employment problem.

  6. Hey, Mari, glad to see someone agrees with me on the shower thing.

    And North Dakota doesn't have to worry about unemployment at the moment, but I think it's all going to emplode on them eventually. No one is going to work at McDonalds for $8/hour if someone who is ordering a meal there is making $40/hour.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Welcome back, Lorelei. Good to know you had a fun time at Glacier!

  8. Thanks, William. I wanted to wave to you, but wasn't close enough to border. But definitely beautiful country up there!


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