Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vampire, My Own

I remember when I was a teenager thinking "What if I ever met a real vampire?" What would he be like? Well, being that I was an impressionable teenager you can just imagine, I suppose, what I may have wanted in a vampire.

He would have to be handsome, of course.

Charming - without a doubt.

Romantic - naturally.

Mysterious and somewhat dangerous, because it comes with the package.

So, when I began writing this short story this summer, I sort of fell back on some of my memories of being a teenager, and worked on "Vampire, My Own". Since it had been rejected, by the place I sent it to, I figured there was no reason to not publish it myself, and so have been working on the cover and having the formatting done for me.

And YAY! I just got it up on Amazon this morning. It will go live in less than 12 hours now.

This is my first YA paranormal. I had to go with Occult/supernatural on Amazon. Here is the blurb:
While taking her usual short cut through the cemetery one night, sixteen year old Karen Murdock meets handsome Lute Riley. Over the next few nights a romance blossoms. But when her best friend, Angeline, becomes sick and dies suddenly, Karen realizes that Lute had been seeing Angeline on the sly. Karen wants revenge. But can she kill a vampire?
Here is the link to it:

I want to thank Carole and John Gill for helping with formatting and the cover (getting it enlarged).


  1. I can hardly wait to check it out!

  2. Well, congrats on taking the initiative to publish your beloved work. Self publishing can have it's rewards.


  3. Heather, I've just added the link on the post today.

    Donna, thank you! I hope to reap them soon. (^;

  4. Congratulations on taking the book into indie territory!


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