Sunday, December 16, 2012

End of The World - Hogwash! But, Just In Case...

Okay, if you are the last person who has not come across this end of world crud that's been "predicted" by people who believe the Mayan 5,125- year calendar end means the end is nigh, then you've had your head in the vertual sand.

Religious people are getting on the band waggon, and so are the UFO sighters who want to go on top of high mountains and be lifted out of here. Actually, in retrospect of all the terrible things (shootings in schools and shopping malls), that are happening, I'd like to see how another world would work things out. In China they report that there has been a run on candles, Russains are buying up kerosene and other supplies.

People all over the world are stock-piling candles and other things, and I've learned it's because of a 3-day long darkness (oh, I thought the world was going to come to an end. My bad). Um, and, oh, yeah, Ron Hubard, who sells hi-tec for underground survival shelters, boasts that sales are up. Boy, I guess I'm in the wrong busness!

But, maybe not. If we do have 3 days of night, or whatever, and you've gone out and bought a butt load of candles and whatnot to get you through it, it stands to reason you might need something to do! Afterall, if electricity will be out, and probaly all the satellites will fall from the sky (because that's what happens in these apocolyptic things, don't you know), you need a BOOK TO READ! 
Vampire AscendingYes, this papback book can be delivered to you by the 18th. Go HERE on Amazon. Or to your local bookstore to order it, and it's companion (below)

And if you finish that one in one day--as so often I'm told people have not been able to put this book down--you will want to pick up the second one in the series which continues with Sabrina Strong's adventures.
Vampire's TrillAnd to order that one you may go HERE.
As for me, I'm going to be working on the next two books, and awaiting the 3rd one coming out in January. Will you be prepared? You will be if you've got the first two books!


  1. Nicely done. As for me I guess since I have already had the pleasure of reading your books I will continue to work on mine. God willing and the power stays on.

  2. There you go. And I think the power will stay on, unless we get that snow storm that's coming in from the Pacific on Thursday. I'm watching how it tracks, still have to drive the bus up through Friday.

    Good luck on your book, Valerie!

  3. And here we are, post December 21st, and of course all is well...

  4. Yep. I could not wait until it was over with!


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