Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thank You's are in order

My cover reveal went really well this week. There might be a few more in the next week or so, but the ebook should be coming out shortly.
So I want to mention some fellow bloggers, and friends from our facebook group Writers of Mass Distraction Thank you goes out to William Kendall, and to Valerie Twombly, to Shelly Arkon, and to Norma Beishir for mentioning my new book's cover and posting something about it over at their blogs this week. Thank you, guys! Vampire Nocturne

My hope is next time I will have some great news about the publication of Vampire Nocturne, and how you can get your copies, so stay tuned, my pretties!


  1. Congrats Lorelei! I love the cover and I'm sure I'll love the book as well.

  2. Nods to William and Valerie.

    Thanks Retro-guy (^;

    And yes, I think you will, Dora Dee!


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