Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Excitement Builds for Vampire Nocturne

Hi, my pretties! Well, I'm back from the dead--a lost week for sure (and pay), but I'm back from suffering the flu last week. Feeling much better and thank all of you who sent well wishes my way.

Now on to the news. As you know Vampire Nocturne, the third installment in the Sabrina Strong series is now available for purchase. Of course many of you have waited for the book to come out for ages, it seems. I hope it's still on your TBR list! Whether you enjoy reading the  ebook or a paperback, it's available in either form. And I've been told by my publisher that he's changed the look of the papberback by making the cover more of a matte paper, rather than slick cover, and the pages are cream instead of white. I can't wait to see my copy, which I'm expecting some time next week!
Vampire Nocturne (Sabrina Strong Series)But also, I'm being mailed several more copies of Vampire Nocturne paperback for giveaways!

I'm going to be announcing my giveaway soon. I hope all of you lovely people will return next weekend. I'm going to schedule a giveaway taking place from the 9th thru the 11th.


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