Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Teaser & Other Sufff

Hello, my preties. Well, did you all have fun at the ball? That was just so much fun, I didn't want it to stop! Jett has a few new women admirers I see. Drachen cleaned up too, I think. Ohh. Speaking of which I'll be mentioning him later on in this post, because this will contain a teaser with him in it.

And the fun doesn't seem to stop either. I'm out visiting today to my very good friend, Lucy Pireel, and she and I had a blast talking about my book and such. I think a couple of my characters want to go visit her next time.

And this Friday I will announce winners of my little contest for Vampire Nocturne. Are you excited? I'm excited!

Photo: Speaking of huns... yeah, I was... if Book #3 were to be made into movie Brad Pitt (in his 20's) could play the role of Drachen.Brad Pitt in "Legend of the Fall"

Now the feature you've all been waiting for... Teaser for the week!

I held on to the railing with both hands like it was a life line, and side-stepped down, one step at a time in shoes I was not used to. The heals felt all wrong.
Tapping steps ascending made me look up. Drachen quickly climbed the steps to where I had halted. Dressed in black velvet with white lace dripping from his sleeves and around his collar framing his beautiful face he looked more mouth watering than ever. His golden hair glowed like the mane of a wild palomino in the light of the chandeliers. I wasn't prepared to see him in such attire. Ruddy lips looked as though he had applied rouge, plus his cheeks were blushed. Hummm. A quickie for the road, perhaps?
What are you doing?” I asked. He gently took my arm.
Helping you, of course. You look as though you needed help,” he said.
I'll need help getting out of this corset!” I complained bitterly in a stage whisper. I learned it had buttons up the front, but the bindings in the back were what really hurt. It itched somewhat too. Before the night was out, I'd have to get it off—one way or another.
I'm certain my sister will help you,” Drachen said, taking my hand with a white gloved one. His other at my back he guided me down the risers. His gloves were pleated along the back and a pearl—I guessed it was a pearl—clasped it closed at the wrist. “Unless you would rather I help you?” I suddenly got a quick little vision from Drachen—which surprise the heck out of me. “Or would you rather Jett help you, instead?” He was teasing me. I could tell when I saw his smirk. He knew I'd spent the night with Jett. My face warmed.
Shush! No one is supposed to know about that,” I hissed.
What would you do should I tell?”
Vampire Nocturne


  1. Read your interview over at Lucy's and loved it. Then I come here and see Brad. Wow.

  2. Yes. You just never know what I'll do, Eve. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. You certainly know how to tease.

  4. Thank you, William!

    Mari, I am queen of tease!


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