Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wicked Wednesday ~ Interview & Spring Feaver

Hello, my pretties. Yes, you are my little pretties, and so I'm going to share where I'm at today, over on Write Stuff with Meratheth Houston

Meradeth has asked me five questions, so it's not a very long interview. At the end I was asked if I were to meet my favorite author what would my first question be. I had to think about that one, and really I couldn't come up with a question, but I did have an answer.

You may know that I drive a transit bus around a college and have plenty of time to work on ideas for my WIP's. I was thinking about another matter the other day and I was wondering if any of you think it has merit--not that I could do something like this, but I think someone with money and backing and was more of a brainiack than me (and time) could do this and why not? Unless, of course someone has already done this, but I've never heard of it.

The idea: A coffee place where people could either buy copie of Indie author's books--no traditional books at all. If they wanted that, they can go to B&N. But you could call it something like Indie Book Nook & Coffee Bar. It would look like any small independant bookstore. Maybe you'd have to sell a few "traditional" novels, but the focus would be on Indies, so that their work could be found/seen by readers.

What do you think? I wish I had the money, I'd put one right in where Carraboo moved out, just a thousand feet away from Barnes and Nobel. Then, you'd be able to have Indie authors have their book signings, and not have to be all snooty like the other guys (telling you that everyone has to pre-order and pre-pay or no deal).

Today was simply gorgeous out, and the wind was nearly calm. The temps were in the 40's, or close to 50. And I just had to go take a nice walk in our Afton Forest Preserve (we're the managers), right outside our door. A bit of snow/ice is still clinging to the deeper shadows. I had fun crunching down on the edges of the ice--something I've loved to do since a kid. I have not grown up yet, boys and girls! I made a promise to myself a long, long time ago that I would not stop doing certain silly things that I've always done as a kid. One was simply enjoy the outdoors, and the bird song and doing silling things like cruching ice (you know when it's melted below the top and it's hollow... I love that sound! CRUNCH!)

Oh, and the croakers were up down at the little pond, and they were croaking and clicking and droning like mad. Behind me, as I approached the pond very, very slowly, the flicker began hammering on a dead tree. Then above an airplane flew over head. Ah, the sounds I have not heard all winter long! Yep. I've got Spring Feaver bad. Can't wait to smell fresh mowed grass--which is what my husband will be doing as soon as the grass begins to grow in the park, and he can eventually get off the bus for the summer.

Hope your week is going well. Go check out the interview and leave a comment. I thank you!


  1. If I had the money,I'd do the same. Open an Indie Bookstore.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Yep. I think it would be a wonderful thing!
    Chocolate hugs back to you, Shelly!

  3. I think it could get some traction, especially if you're in an area with a lot of people under thirty, and especially if you promote the heck out of the authors in your bookstore promotion. 433 educceo

  4. Yeah, a differen stort of bookstore like that would probably make it. I just wish the original indie book store hadn't suffered and closed when both Borders and B&N had opened up ten or so years ago.


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