Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spell Books ~ Covers by My Friend Jeremy Hawkins

Once upon a time I wanted to be a writer. I wanted it so bad I drove all the way from my house to Dubuque Iowa (I think it was about two hours drive) to attend a writer's round table/critique forum. That was back in the early 80's. I thought I had a chance to get recognized. The teacher was published, had an agent and one of the women in the group had her historical romance novel grabed up by his agent.

Long story short, I didn't make the cut. I wasn't even considered. My story was so in need of an editor, (spelling, grammar, punctuation), in fact, that it was obvious to my teacher that I had much to learn. But I couldn't afford the class, and couldn't keep on driving all the way out there to Dubuque.

Fast forward to 2013. Here I am, my first self-published book (not the one I'd been writing in 1980's), came about when I was turning 50 and figured I was never going to get so lucky as to be picked up by anyone, let alone be published. So, I published my novel about a sorceress, Zofia Trickenbod, who is hiding out on Earth trying to keep the Stone of Irdisi (the most powerful magical implement on their world) safe from the evil Vesilvod Bood. The black unicorn, not so surprisingly, follows Vesilvod Blood around, hoping (we think), he will change his coloring back to white. Meanwhile Zofia's husband--who was long thought dead from an attack from Blood--returns, but not as a wizard, but a vampire. This paranormal/myster/romance crossover was my first seen by other readers back in 2008, and they loved it. I had people ask when the next one would be out. Yeah. Not at $400/book. Wasn't gonna happen. Now that we are able to self-publish, I felt like it was time to reintroduce Spell of the Black Unicorn to the world again as an eBook.

The original cover was drawn by yours truely. I wanted the unicorn on the cover. I wanted to show that it was somewhat whimsical, but probably made it look like a children's book with the way I had it. *sigh* (The original cover can be seen on my sidebar).

So, I'v been working with a good friend of mine, Jeremy Hawkins, who has a flair for retro art deco, and the colors are always paired up nicely. I had this cover that he worked up for me. This is one version. We may have to find a lighter color for the title and all. But this is really something I like for my new cover. There is another version, and I'm waiting to make a decision on whether I like it justified to the left or staggered.
Okay people. This is the one of two I chose after Jeremy worked on the book cover. He gave me this one with the justified lettering at the top. the other one was staggered. I think I like this one best. What do you guys think. Will it work?

If you want to leave comment on these covers, that would be great. Just so you know I'm going to ask that the lettering be somewhat brighter so it stands out.

Thanks for stopping by. As I get closer to publishing the ebook, I'll have more posts on this story, and some teases up soon.
Have a great Sunday, and rest of the week, my friends!


  1. I like the covers and since you can't have gold ink or something what about having one of the unicorns embossed or raised above the other? Can that be done?

  2. I'm not sure, Eve. But I'm leaning toward the staggered one (not shown), now.

    Thanks for suggestions, though.

  3. I like this cover. I just think the title should be brighter.

  4. I like this better than your hand drawn one better.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. i kind of really like the staggered myself, it fills the image right... the title could be more visible... though for me i like the darkness, for me it gives it mystery.

  6. ~Mari, thanks. We'll work on it.

    ~Shelly, thank you. I'm inclined to agree-Chocolate hugs back

    ~Jeremy, Yes. I've decided on the staggered. Emailed you.

    I'm finished with the edits and I'm ready to get this thing out there !!!!

  7. I like it! And what I really like is how you never gave up that dream. Me, neither! *raises adult beverage* Here's to no regrets!
    Have a great week, my friend.


  8. That's right, Jimmy. That's what we have in common!


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