Saturday, June 8, 2013

What's Your Hunk?

Hi, my pretties! How's the day going for you. It's beautiful here and I just wanted to get a post in for the weekend. I need to go outside and enjoy the day before it slips away!

When I sit down and work on a novel, there's going to be some sort of love interest. My main character is usually a woman. Although, as of late I've been working in the POV of men. But today I'm concentrating on HUNKS.

I put out the question to a number of ladies who follow either my facebook group Fans of Vampire Ascending, or another group I belong to asking them what they liked for hunks.

Well, it sort of surprised me. Handsome was one that was chosen. Well, that's not so surprising. But some like their hunks to do housework, cook or do laundry. Another says she likes the nurdy types. One woman put up quite a list: "wit, intelligence, sense of humor, and blue eyes". Well, okay!

When I write hunks into either of my series, they may turn out to be vampires. I can't hardly see a vampire doing the laundry or housework. But if they did, that would be a plus to having them around. But then again, they'd have to do all that work at night.

I noticed no one chose the "vampire, werewolf, shiftchanger (dangerous)" selection.

But maybe I forgot to say "In books you like to read what sort of guy is your hunk type?" 

So, if you are reading this today, and would like to add to my little list of what you like in a hunk (in a book you like reading), go ahead and put it down. Now, if it's no different than the above answers, go ahead and tell me that too, in comments below.

Oh, and just a heads-up. On June 12 (this coming Wednesday), I will be on Leanna Harrow's blog promoting my newest release, Spell of the Black Unicorn. Uh, yeah, I've got at least 3 hunks in this book. One's a policeman, one is--well--a vampire, and the third is a very nasty demon. I plan on doing a price reduction on the book that day, so do watch for it!
Chronicles of Zofia Trickenbod, sorceress is
going to save her world... whether she wants to or not!
Thank you's to: Shelly Arkon, Charlotte Henley Babb, Quinn Cullen, Krisztina Williams, Nellie Batz for stopping by and taking part in the questionaire!


  1. Now if we were doing the opposite version of this, I'd have to bring Emily Blunt into the equation.

  2. I might just do that at another time, just to be equal... and to find out who Emily Blunt is???
    Thanks, William (^;

  3. Congratulations on the new book Lorelei. My hunk is very smart and disciplined in everything to a fault which helps me stay in line. Oh baby, I love it when he tells me I'm a naughty girl-- :) but with a name like Eve it was bound to happen.

  4. Okay, Eve. I like that! Thank you!*chuckles*

  5. Then I would be a hunk, thus disproving the validity of your survey ;~)

    Seriously though, who would you think does the laundry for a hunk?

  6. The goddess of the house, of course, Blake (^;


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