Friday, July 19, 2013

Updates from llinois - Hate this humidity!

Yeah, it's hot. Well, to be truthful it's HUMID. I've been in Arizona where it's dry as bleached bones and it was something like 95 that afternoon we arrived at Dennis' mom & dad's place in Apache Junction several years ago. I wore jeans and a T-shirt. The only sweat I felt was on my upper lip. That was it. I could have used some shorts, but I was "comfortable" in the shade. Of course, you could not drink the water, and if you turned on the "cold" faucet it was actually pretty warm water. Saves on the water heater.  But I digress...

Here it's like wearing a wet washrag over your entire body, you can't breath, the deer flies attack you like crazy if you step outside from the moment the sun pops up (at least out here in the country--and my husband has the bites to prove it. He says, "you get used to it" And since he has to mow and hold on to the handles of the big zero-turn mower or it won't go) he can't swat at them.

My job puts me into a transit bus where I have air conditioning (thank you!), and believe it or not ONE person actually asked me to turn it down or off yesterday. I said, "I'm not turing this off." I'd have to turn it back on in two minutes (because I'd be suffering), and that's not good for the unit. She didn't press. She had sleeves on. Go sit down and talk to your friend on your damned cell phone and leave me alone!

Oh, yeah. This weather makes me snippety.

Been going through the documents my ex-publisher gave me to find any type-o's and other things I might want to change. Since I get to publish this Independently, I want to polish it up a bit, so that's where I've been when not working for the bus company for the last week or so (and will be tied up for another). So, if you wondered what the heck happened to me this is what's going on.

I'm hopeful I can get these done in another week and begin putting them back out there again.
Lorelei Bell, author of the Sabrina Strong series is working to get the eBooks back on Amazon so that you can buy them
Until then you CAN buy the first book of her other series, the Chronicles of Zofia Trickenbod, Sorceress - see below

Meanwhile, I've not quite put an ending on my 7th WIP. Things sort of got on the back burner while dealing with work on the first three books. However, you would think I'd be too busy, too stressed out with all that's happening around me to even think about the eighth book... but no. #8 is clanking around in my head. It's like I live in another dimention right where Sabrina lives, and I'm seeing it from my spot. Sort of like a fish bowl, I guess.
I'm thinking of mixing things up a bit starting with this one, and get away from the Vampire This or That titles.
What do you think of the title: "Six Shades of Hell"? Let me know if you think it's a good one, bad, or if you're indiffernt, don't worry about it.

Glad to see you all "waves". Hope to be back to normal (yeah, right) soon!

Lorelei Bell's debut novel about a quirky sorceress trying hard to do her job... and not get killed in the process.
Spell of the Black Unicorn can be purchased here.


  1. Six Shades of the Sabrina series?

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Six Shades of Hell is a good title!

    And the heat's been bad around here too... that humidity has to go.

    One day closer to winter, one day closer to winter...

  3. Well, yeah, Shelly... of course, this is the 8th book--LOTS of things have happened since #3 &4.

    William, I do understand the thought. And thanks for your vote.

  4. Perfect description of humidity. It's making me all sweaty, ack.

    That's a great title. I say go with it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry about that, Lydia! But thanks for the vote. I'm going to think on it for a while.


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