Thursday, October 31, 2013

I've opened up my Archives...

Hello, my pretties and

I'm posting a link to my "Archives" today, in honor of Halloween. There are a number of excerpts from my novels there for your perusal. Just pay no attention to the links, as they are no longer viable. (I still need to work on this blog site and a few others to get them up-to-date. I have not posted there since last summer, so excuse the state of things!) There are first chapters from my books there, if you have time to read them.

At any rate here is the link to Lorelei's Archives

So take advantage if you need one of my books in the Sabrina Strong series, or, have wanted to grab Spell of the Black Unicorn (it's a hoot!)!

I'll be back later on today to post something else from third book Vampire Nocturne. Today the subject is, of course, Drakulya!

November is for...

Ah. Yes. Some writers do the NaNoWriMo thing. I don't need that nudge, thank you. I've never needed it. And it wasn't even in ...