Saturday, November 9, 2013

NO to NaNoWriMo YES to working on projects

Hey, my pretties! What are you all doing here if you're busy writing those 50K words, HUH? GET BACK TO WORK!
Now to those of you who are not doing NaNoWriMo, gather around... that's right. The fire is just right. Oh, and here's a little kitten to put in your lap. He'll purr for you if you'll pet him...
Awww, he looks like little Peanut!

Well, I have finished my afghan and have started a new one--this one is for my husband. What? I'm not allowed to dabble in arts and crafts? I did have a craft business at one time and did not write a word for 4 years. That was a long hiatus, but I think I needed it.

At the moment I'm knee deep in stuff. Kittens, who are now orphans, are in our care. Mother wandered off into the wilds one night, and never came back. We are pretty sure she became victim to the coyotes around here. Sad, but that's the way things are out this way. We're determined to care for these little guys until they are a little larger and we can give them away. The drama of keeping cats is too much for us. You don't think so, you'll have to read "The Cat Whisperer" when it comes out.

Speaking of kittens and cats, I've finished "The Cat Whisperer". Right now the cover is being worked on and I'm going over the book again, after my formatting bud, John Gill, has worked on it. And then it will be ready for the world.
I'm still working on #8 book in the Sabrina Strong series. But I'm also working on #4 Vampire Caprice, which I hope to get out in January of 2014.
It had begun raining as Bill drove toward Denver(How about: Bill drove toward Denver when the rain began.). That was why his mind had flooded with that one particular memory that often caused him pain in his heart to remember. Bill shook his head while making a disparaging growl, trying to pull himself from that very(Ital) old memory. Hell, it had been so long ago. Ninety-one years ago.
His father was very happy(find another word to say this) that he'd found the sibyl—showering him in monetarily ways. But when he kept asking when they would be married, it was difficult to tell him how hard this was. As it was, Sabrina was difficult to seduce. He couldn't keep her with him long enough to get to know him. Lord knows he'd tried every way he knew how. She was beautiful, and intelligent. Perhaps enough to stay away from the likes of him. He wondered if he could fall in love with her, gradually over the years. Certainly not like he had Celeste—who he had instantly fallen for—but perhaps, in time he would love Sabrina Strong, the sibyl. Would she fall in love with him? It might take an act of God—or an angel—but he figured he was up to it. He hadn't quite perfected dating, and wooing. Thanks to Father he was pretty much forbidden from dating anyone but the sibyl. But if he could charm old ladies into believing he was their grandson, he figured he could swing a liberal dose of magic to get Sabrina to begin taking a shine to him. He had already begun working on her. But somebody had put up a super ward on her house, so that even he could neither enter her yard, nor even call her—for the love of angel's wings!
Of course, this didn't prevent him from running into her brother, Randy. And, with a little bit of his mind-bending abilities, he was able to make Randy (whose mind was very easy to bend), invite him over for the Thanksgiving dinner at his house—with Sabrina in attendance.
Cooper had kept abreast of it all, via their communications. But he was also watching developments on another level. A level which even Bill wasn't privy to, and he wasn't even sure how Cooper was able to navigate into that parallel universe which included ley lines and other worlds. Possibly he had operatives who had crossed over. He simply didn't know. It was not entirely impossible to become an Undead, but it was rare. Not everyone who wished to become an Undead could. It was extremely difficult, because basically you had to first die, and then somewhere along the line be able to not become either a ghost or cross into the next stages of death, but actually become a physical being once more and yet not be alive or dead, but actually Undead.
That had been Cooper's report only last night, when he had called him—in the middle of the night, no less—about The Albino, and that he had been tracking Sabrina.
No matter how the news had come to him, The Albino was bad news. Knowing that The Albino had killed the last sibyl in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii in order to feed on her soul was especially not good since it had been rumored he himself had caused the eruption.(Way too long-I’m panting) How is anyone's guess.(?) However, that was probably just a legend that had been blown out of proportion. Stories that old often built into monumental fish tales. Bill decided that The Albino simply took advantage of certain situations, waited for the right moment and struck. More than likely, he had probably stalked the sibyl of that era and was in the right place at the right time and then he vanished after having fed on her soul.
The very fact that this Undead seemed to be in the right place at the right time seemed a bit unnerving. He knew that the sibyl—Sabrina—existed, and was now following her as though he knew something might happen to her and he could take her soul. This was all according to Cooper. He wasn't all that sure that the story was made up in order to get him to snatch Sabrina against her will before the Undead did.
However, if any of this was true Bill had to get to her before something did happen to her. She was their people's only hope. Without her, Bill's purpose would be null and void. He really didn't want to wait another 90 some-odd years again to be wed. His mission was cut in stone. He had to get to Sabrina before the Albino did.

Looks like fun, right? Riiiight.

Well, I've been working on this today, and getting my links over on Goodreads changed. I hadn't even thought about this, but people who would hit the link to buy any of my books would find nothing. That's not a good idea. So, I spent about an hour or so getting those changed over. Well, probably longer since I had to reset my password there so that I could get in there and edit out my former publisher's name, and get the ASIN numbers put in.

Now for the fun stuff...
November always makes me think of hot drinks, Thanksgiving meals, the naughty deserts...
What do you think of this time of year? And I don't want to hear how many days it is until Christmas--it's become too commercialized these days. Let me know what your favorite thing is about November. If you're looking forward to snow (Mr. Kendall?), I'll love to hear about it.


  1. I keep thinking these days how many days it'll be before the rains give way to proper snows.

    That's a whole sea of was.

    And yes, that kitten is adorable...

  2. As I thought, you've been looking for the snow to come.
    Yes. Getting rid of them was... excruciating.

  3. Love the kitten. Edits are so much fun. I'm thinking of a slice of warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  4. You've read my mind on the apple pie!


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