Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Is For Crochetters

Hi, ladies. If you are one of my many lurkers, or regular visitors, who like to crochet, or are a beginner and want something interesting to work on, well, I've got some patterns for you today!

I learned to crochet from my aunt, when it was in my teens. My mother had passed away and my aunt would have me over for a week and she would show me how to crochet and sew. I've become quite the nut about crocheting patterns, again. I used to sell a number of things I made (not just crocheted things, but pop bottles I would paint on, and other crafts) back in the 90's. I made a little money with my crafts, but the crafting trend wore off, and a lot of these cheaper products came in from 3rd world countries, and people quit buying things from crafters. As a result crafters lost places to sell their items. I went into my writing full-time. Right now, I'm needing a break from working on writing exclusively. I've lost all my patterns, so I've been on the look out for places to find some free ones. And I've found it! It's called "Laying It All Out" and if you want to subscribe, it's free! You'll get emails with gobs of crochet patterns, and even knitting every day. Sometimes you might get more than one, and you'll have more patterns than you can shake a size H hook at!

Anyway, I'd like to try and start posting about CROCHETING once a week--if I can keep this up--post about crocheting, bring you links to patterns, and other bloggers who have tutorials, that you might like, and up-dates on what I'm working on, of course.

TODAY I've got some links for you and these are FREE patterns! Some of them you'll have to find the links to what you want to look at, but again, it's FREE.

First up: A Flower Scrubbie over on Vallieskids Blog. Very easy, and a great idea for cotton yarn projects if you have some left overs especially. Actually, if you don't want to use it as a dish cloth--they're way too pretty and I must admit the cotton yarn is a bit expensive to use on something you scrub dishes with, but you could use them as nice little coasters. The pattern is so easy!

Next: Best Crocheted Head Bands--there's a number of them here, I'm sure you'll go hit on every one of them to check it out! I know I will!! Head bands are in, now. I'm not sure why they went out of style, but if you like wearing them, or you have a little girl who wears them, you'll have something cute to make for her. Here's a sample of them:
Anthropology knock-off Headband

Butterfly-bobby pins

Happy-day headband

And may I direct you over to another crochet blogger. I was amazed to find so many of you out there! This is Heidi Bears blog. She does a lot of Hexagons, and here she shows how to join them using the hook. It's a complicated maneuver, and I have done this, back when I used to crochet a lot, and needed to see how it was done.

Okay, I think I've given you all something to work on today.

Lorelei's tip of the week: Trying to follow patterns is difficult, and if you loose your place that can be frustrating. Use a Sticky Note to mark where you are in the pattern. I suggest using a large one, cut it in half and use it to block off the sections you don't want to look at. I happen to be dyslexic and so this is the best way I know how to keep my eyes focused on where I'm at!

Oh, and THIS is what I'm working on today, at least for a few hours this morning while I enjoy a cup of Maxwell House International cafe'--hazelnut. I'll admit the picture wasn't clear because she used variegated yarn. If I can figure out how to post a picture of what I'm doing, I will. I'm not good at this technology stuff and have no fancy digital camera to use, so be patient. I'm working on it.

Happy Crocheting everyone!


  1. Since I'm a little lazy, I've been thinking about getting a knitting loom. I'd love to make my daughters and grandbabies some blankets.

    Also, I'm going to start a patio garden. Especially since the food prices keep going up.

    Today, I'm a total couch potato.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. I've seen those knitting machines. I'm lousy at knitting, so that was something I eyed.
    And yeah! We're going to garden this year too. The price of everything has gone up!
    Saturday chocolate hugs, hon!

  3. I would like to learn to crochet, but right now I've got too many other things on my plate. The patterns look so complicated to me. I had a great learn to crochet book, but I ended up giving it to my mum and now she's taught herself to crochet instead. Haha. She says I can get it back from her if I ever manage to free up some time. I guess she can teach me now too. ;)

    Those free patterns are very cute. It was lovely of you to find them and share them. :)

  4. I don't recall my mother or aunts doing any of that, but it is a step away from knitting...

  5. It definitely holds my interest, Emma. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.
    ~It is a step away from knitting. I'm lousy at knitting. Holding two needles instead of the one hook--not gonna happen. Thanks for stopping in, William


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