Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stupid Bird & Other Things

Earlier this week my husband and I came home and parked our truck in front of the white park truck, and right away noticed this robin going after his reflection in the mirror. Pecking away, fluttering his wings until he had to stop and roost on the mirror. Okay, this was funny at first. But this bird has been at it from sunrise (or before) until sunset each and every day of this week. We've tried moving the trucks--that wasn't a good idea because then he went after our truck, so that was no good. We tried scaring it off, but it merely comes back. The stupid thing has a fixation on his image either in the mirror or in the glass--it doesn't seem to matter. He wants to fight it. I keep hoping he'd find a lady bird to get his mind off this, but we see him fighting his image  all day with only a few breaks in between to go and eat. Dumb bird!

My husband is still not upset about this stupid bird. He said he wanted to name it. I suggested "Stupid", but he didn't go for it at first. I think now it's fitting to call him "Stupid". I've had ideas floated out to him about curtailing this bird's activities--all which would keep him away or block its view, but he's afraid it would simply go after our truck--which is black and bird poop doesn't wash away easily. At this juncture he realizes he will have to scrub the park truck, and I'm wondering at what point he'll break and do something about "Stupid". Well, I've decided to not allow this to be my problem. He can deal with it himself.

In other things. I've finished the baby afghan, and don't you know it, as soon as I do Hobby Lobby has a sale on exactly the yarn I was using. WTF.

I've finished the first read-through of the fourth book, Vampire Caprice, and need to let it rest and do another sweep. Hope to get this out in May. Since I had to do a few outdoor things while weather holds, and did my walks, finally, in the park, I've had other things going on, and filling my day. But I want to ask if anyone would want to have me guest post on their blog in May or June, even, or mention it on their blog in the very least, I would thank thee.

I'm losing weight on my diet (Atkins), steadily. Boy did I gain pounds over the winter! But I've tried other ways to lose weight, but nothing else works like this one. Getting away from excessive carbs is the only way I've ever been able to lose consistently. I am a carb addict! My goal is to get down 35 pounds. I've already lost a total of 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and the first week I wasn't really on it totally, I was eliminating certain high-carb foods, including bread, and I changed to almond milk--finding I like it enough to continue drinking it for a while. I don't weigh again until tomorrow morning. I have to stay on this first phase for another week after this one--at least that's where it stands--until I'm within 15 pounds of my goal weight of 125. I'm on a 20 carb a day phase. Eventually, in the next phases, I will trade carbs for different foods, and then begin to add to my carb totals weekly.

 A lot of people think all we eat is meat and eggs. No. We eat a lot of veggies, and try to have enough of those to equal 12-15 carbs in the daily total. Eventually I'll have lots of other choices, but bread will not be one of them, and only whole wheat pasta, and brown rice will be allowed. It's all a matter of not over-doing it, and counting the carbs will eventually come naturally. Which I don't mind doing, really. It was hard to find the right combinations of foods, watching the carbs, but I've stayed on task. And I've got a long summer ahead of me. I'll be driving the bus for 6 hours, instead of 4, and thankfully the various Atkins snack, food, and treat bars, shakes will help me through my day. I've found that the high protein--some are 10-15--are what keeps me from feeling hungry. The meal bar was 15 grams of protein, so that worked wonderfully one day when we had to go to the store right after work. I wasn't starving when we got home and just had some broccoli and celery with ranch dressing. Last night I had one of the frozen meals (my husband had a small pizza), beef and broccoli in Merlot sauce. The meat actually looked and tasted like beef you get from a post roast (instead of something out of a can of dog food). It was the best frozen meal I've ever had! I wanted to lick my plate!

There's a few recipes that I've found and want to try. These Chocolate Ganache Macarons look good! Made with almond flour.

One sad note, my niece died earlier this week. Boy, to learn it in an email was shocking. She lives in Florida, so the funeral is down there. No. I'm not going. That's a bit of a drive and I can only get one day off for such things. I can't imagine how my sister, Lot (Val's mother), is taking this. Lot's husband died last December. I used to take care of the four kids while my sister went to work--she's about 13 years older than me. I became an aunt when I was 10! My niece wasn't very old. I don't have details on her, or what happened, but hope to learn as time goes by.

Well, that's my up-dates for now. I'm waiting for April to get over with before I begin posting about this up-coming book. Every one's into the A-Z thing, and I don't want to try to compete for attention around that.

Once again, if anyone is willing to host me/my book "Vampire Caprice" that will be out some time in May, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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