Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Fourth, America!

I don't know. Maybe it's my age, or whatever. We stay at home these days on the fourth. I've seen fireworks plenty. In fact if I really want to see some from a distance, I can watch them out the window--if I wish to stay up past my bedtime. Yeah. Early riser here. We'll see if I can stay awake.

And here we are in the middle of an amber alert about these A-holes who want to do us in-I'm not going to name them. Be like saying the name Voldermort, so we'll just say You-Know-Who. Yeah. Okay. You do your cowardly thing and blow up some people while you blow up with them. Cowards!

"A man who takes pleasure in another's pain is no man."-Quai Chand Caine from Kung Fu

This is AMERICA, dudes (and dudetts), you don't know, or understand what we did to win our freedom. Take a history lesson. We won't give it up easily.

Anyway, that's me spouting off. Go Us. And whoever else is with us in this hemisphere.
And speaking of that amber alert... earlier today, while on the job, I saw this dude up on a roof at a shopping area, with his cell phone and wearing a striped shirt and backpack, looking around. No. He wasn't a worker. I called my supervisor and told him to alert the authorities. I don't know what happened. Don't want to know, really. I only wanted to do my civic duty and continue on my route, dealing with traffic in a 12.5 ton bus on a busy 4-lane with everyone on the road, or customers who need me to stop to let them on or off.

Meanwhile, like I said we are staying home, out here next to the Afton Forest Preserve. I'll make my fried chicken and famous potato salad for my husband who came 2 days away from being a 4th of July baby. I don't mind the work, really. I'll make this meal gladly. Today we found out a cousin of my husband's died suddenly of stage-4 cancer. He went to the doctor complaining of "not feeling right" and the doctors found he had cancer, sent him home to die (only a few days later), with meds. He was only 61. His wife, oddly enough, died of cancer a few years prior. My husband did a little history and told me a lot of the people on that side died of cancer.

Well, not to leave you, my dear, gentle readers into a funk on this holiday season, but the point is, do ENJOY LIFE WHILE YOU CAN!!! That is my message. Screw what's going on around you. Do the thing you've wanted to do NOWWWWW! Be happy with life. Always do kind deeds, think kind thoughts and get along. Yes. Even on the road!!

Blessings my friends.


  1. I missed the fireworks here on Canada Day- the winds were high enough that my friends and I thought they'd cancel, so we left earlier. Shortly after ten I could hear them from my place.

  2. Aw, snap, William. Hopefully next year you'll get to see them!


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