Sunday, January 24, 2016


Being that it's the middle of January, and the east coast has just seen the worst mega-snow fall in almost a century, I thought I'd do a post with snow images. 
The east coast really has no bragging rights.
Winter beauty at its best.
(all images taken from pinterest)

Outdoor in the middle of Snow Monsters - Escursione in mezzo agli Snow Monsters


Full moon:

Is this enough snow for you?:

Snow covered tree. - Winter:

Puolankaphoto by Yrjö Huusko


Frozen flower

I made you a snowman:



heart bum:


  1. The very best weather you could ask for!

  2. I LOVE snow! I LOVE winter! I just hate the windchill that always seems to go with it! Playing in the snow with my Piper and Sapphire (Shelties who LOVE the snow too!) is a riot!!!

    Thanks for some pretty cool pictures!!!

    (I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and we often get nicknamed as WINTERPEG! :) )

  3. Snow makes for great pics. But I have to say I love my sunshine. And i'm so happy for the colder Temps in Florida. The summers are always hot, humid and way too long.

  4. ~Cherri, I'm sure your pups have a good time in snow. I've had dogs and cats, and the animals seem to become kids in the snow. Thanks for stopping in and taking time to chat.

  5. ~Shelly I'm partial to cooler summers, less humidity and as long as I don't have to go drive a bus in it, I don't mind snow, I just don't like the cold. I hope to become a "snowbird" some day.

  6. I love seeing photos of long as it's somewhere else!


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