Saturday, August 25, 2018

Super Fan

My books have been out there for a few years, and I've had book signings, and met people who bought my books. But once in a while I get someone who is a super fan and buys every one of my books--I have to remind myself now and then people actually do read my books--but I never meet them. I merely see their reviews, which are always wonderful.

But then there's one fan that's out there that doesn't yet know about my books.

I didn't know about her, either. And it was just chance we came together, if I hadn't sent that email, she'd never have known I wrote her type of fiction.

So, when I sent an email to this motel up in Bessemer, MI, asking for availability, it was a surprise, after a few back and forth emails, she said she realized I wrote vampire fiction. It was the way my signature is on my email. You know, author of Sabrina Strong series, after my name. She took the trouble to investigate, and then wrote to tell me she was a fan of anything vampire, werewolf, shapeshifters, and listed the authors she reads.

Well, I wasn't about to let this go by without taking advantage of the opportunity, and sent her some direct links to my books. But she wrote back saying she didn't have an e-reader. She likes the actual books.

Again, I wasn't about to let this one slip through my fingers. I said I had a few copies and I'd bring them up. She said she was looking forward to meeting me.

I was as flattered as I could be.

So, earlier this week we drove up through Wisconsin--about a 7 hour drive. We wanted a short 4-day get away before I had to go back to drudgery, which is work, and Dennis finishes his seasonal work as well.

We wanted to go see a few places we'd only visited the year before. This time we would stay in The Traveler's Motel (a nice Mom & Pop motel-very clean), two nights, and get over to Bayfield, Wisconsin. This motel is just a few miles into the UP of Michigan. Beautiful country. Clean air, and much less humidity. Oh. And almost no real crime, unlike where I'm from.

So, we arrive on Tuesday in the afternoon. I walk in first, and she's standing behind her short counter and I stick out my hand, "Lorelei Bell," I say.

Oh, she was very happy to meet me. We chatted, got our room, and I told her I'd bring her the books I brought after we got settled. Donna runs The Traveler's Motel, a 12-room motel all by her self. She said she once upon a time hired someone, but they didn't clean it the way she wanted. Her husband works elsewhere, but he does all the maintenance on it, when needed.

I'd brought two of my first books in the series, plus I had Spell of the Black Unicorn, hoping she would take it too. She did and paid full-price for them, refusing to take a discount I was willing to give her. She said "I'd have bought them on line, full price anyway." And, "This is your bread-and-butter." She, being a business woman, knows this.

The next morning we were getting ready to leave for Bayfield for a day of shopping, and enjoying the sights, and she came out early--she gets going early, by the way--and told me she had read my first book Ascension, until 9:00 last night. She told me what she was trying to figure out with this character or that, and I had to keep my mouth shut about certain things in the book, of course. She was so excited about having an author (she called me famous), staying in her motel. I only wished I were a little more "famous" than I am, but she was just tickled to have me there, she even called her daughter, who lives in another state, to tell her about having me there.

When we left the next morning, to travel up to Copper Harbor, and then home, we talked to her more about my book, and other things. She'd already sent away for the rest of my series and the sequel to SBU, Spell of Dark Castle. She had only two more chapters left to read and was itching to get her work done today so she could finish it. She really loved the way I wrote. She said she doesn't like when an author puts in too much description. She just needs a little information and wants the story. I said I do too, and that's why I write that way.

Anyway, she had to take a picture of us together to sent to her daughter, and for her memories. I also took a picture because I felt tickled to have such a wonderful, new fan.
Donna & me in front of her hotel in Bessemer MI

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