Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Day for Outdoor Work

This was the first week end day that wasn't raining, cold, or whatever inclement weather we've had for past 2 or 3 weeks. So, we got started on the clean up. I raked, my husband began picking up some large branches. He then got on the mower--a brand new one that the park bought, so, he got comfortable on it quickly--60" cut, a brand by Toro.

This old farm house has about 3-4 acres around it. There are maples in the front yard, one maple in the back (north) yard, and three large catalpa trees in the east section--which are no picnic picking up the 1 1/2 foot beans that fall every fall. We rake them and they get caught in the rake. But we get it done. This is for another day.

Today I raked under the large maple tree. I normally don't have to worry about raking these leaves as they get blown into the long grass that leads into the woods--which is a buffer zone between our yard and the park we take care of. But last fall we had early snow that stayed and the leaves stayed where they fell. Believe me, at the end of our season, we're beat. Taking care of a large park gets old by September, and my husband just wants to put the mower away for the year. And I'm usually into my writing zone and I don't have time to do much outdoor work.

But today was a nice day, save for the wind coming out of the southwest corner, carrying with it the stench from the hog factory, just a mile away. But, we worked for about 2 hours (I did, Dennis worked another hour, and came in after the mowing he wanted to do). Knowing I was going to do this type of physical work, I made the decision to get myself a burger and fries for lunch in town. I don't usually have this. Fries especially is off my list of things to eat. But, I've lost 14lbs, in the last 2 or so months, and I've slimmed way down and so, I thought I'd be able to work the burger and fries off. I'm sure that I did.

So, feeling achy, I've taken an early bath, an Advil and now will try and get something done this afternoon on the book. Still reading through first one, tweaking it here and there. Hoping to hear from publisher on Monday. If not, I'll bug them.

Looking forward to a grilled steak dinner tonight, and a glass of Moscato.

And I'm happy to see I'm getting visitors from all over the world on this blog. This is cool, I've had someone from Moscow visit my site just today. I've had 3 from England, one from Canada, and One from Poland, and a dozen from the U.S.! THANK YOU FOR DROPPIING BY! YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT IS WELCOMED!


  1. I hope you aren't coming down with something! Maybe this lovely spring weather will banish the bug. My fingers are crossed that you'll hear from the publisher on Monday!

  2. Thanks Heather.

    I'll wait until the aftrnoon, and if nothing, Iwill BUG THEM!


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