Sunday, May 30, 2010

Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf

I received this book because I won a contest over at VampChix. I had no idea the author, Michele Hauf would include it with the other 4 books, autographed by her, but that was really a special gift. So, I'm thanking Michele here for that.

Now, to be honest, I do not read paranormal romances. I've said before when these came out it was hard for me to discern the paranormal romances from those I wanted to read, which are the urban fantasy novels, Kim Harrison being my number one author in that genre that I so enjoy.

However, I did get into the bantering dialogue between the characters, Blu and Creed, and I think this is what carried me through the book and liked their characters enough to care what happened to them.

The main premise is interesting. A werewolf princes is married to a vampire master in order to bring some sort of peace. But peace is not what either side really wants. And while each side plots to go to war, this couple who would never be able to even stand each other's company if they were chained up in the same room together, actually begin to find that they are more than compatible, and that there are redeeming qualities in each other they are attracted to--not to mention they are attracted physically as well. Which helps, of course.

I felt it was well written. I wanted to see how the solution to their dilemma was solved, and thought that Hauf's details and explanations of the vampires and werewolves worked as to why they didn't get along, and the added bit about a vampire being able to hold magic was interesting, unusual, and a new idea that I'd never seen before.

This one gets a 9 out of 10 points for me. It was hard for me to be pulled in, for the first few pages, however, once I got into the second chapter, I felt that it carried me along well enough, and had to get back to it every chance I could (while driving the bus, I have 5-8 minutes to spare and find myself a corner and read).

Next on my list:: "Lucinda, Darkly" by Sunny.


  1. Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! I actually tried to email you after I received the book you sent me, but the email I grabbed from this site bounced! So thanks! That was very kind of you to send your book.

  2. Oh, thanks! And shoot, I can see that I may have made a mistake on it, and will correct!
    I'll love to hear what you think of it. It was my first try, and have had numerous positive responses on it.

  3. hey michele ,

    please write a second series to the vampire husband : )
    such a great book , <3

  4. That's so awesome that she included extra books! This sounds like one I'll have to add to my to be read list!


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