Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book is Featured At VampChix Today

Michele Hauf graciously has invited me to VampChix today. I complied most heartily, of course. I've been looking forward to this since this summer when I first mentioned it to Michele in an email, after winning a contest there.

My husband has been home sick and has been reading the book--well, between naps. He recalls my asking him to read a draft, and had told me I had given too much away. That was probably a year ago, now. And his mother read the first chapter as well. I dedicated the book to her, of course. She was my mentor, the only other person on this planet that I could talk face-to-face, or over the phone about writing, because she also was a writer. I sure hope her novel will one day see the light of day, even if she will never see that happen herself.

Cold has gripped us, as predicted. You tend to see temps in the single digits during January, not the beginning of December. Driving buses for NIU, this semester is nearly wrapped up, and the students have been taking their finals. Tomorrow should be less people going in, and Friday should be next to nothing. Then a week or so of just driving the city bus for 6 mindless hours, come home and hope to get a few hours in of work.

After this, three weeks off in which some serious writing will be happening in this office. I've been making notes for this third book. The second one needs some reading through and edits, then that will be ready to present to publisher by January at some point.

Later this week I will have an interview up with Jamie Wasserman, author of Blood and Sunrise. I think it's fun to see how another author works on their book, and why they choose the vampire as a subject. It's like asking why an artist likes to do florals, or landscapes as apposed to something else. Should be interesting. Stop in, check it out, and do stop by VampChix today!


  1. I'll have to check out your interview over on VampChix! That's awesome! Single digit, ugh. *shivers* We've been getting a little bit of that here but only a few days. I love the cover by the way. It's very eyecatching!

  2. Hope it generates some sales for you.

  3. Thank you Heather and J.L.

    Hope it does!


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