Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

What a great time we had. The cabin was rustic, the fireplace kept us warm--too warm!

The show--Scrooge!--was crazy. But we had to get our seating arrangement re-adjusted. We were placed practically on the stage. My husband complained that it was already 6:30 and we weren't yet being told to go line up for the buffet. So, we got that resolved pretty quickly, had they got us a table out in the main dining room, and we were well-catered to, plus to make us overly happy, offered us a champagne basket sent to our cabin. (Holding on to the champagne), it had 2 expensive chocolates and two wine glasses and a candle--usually reserved for the honey moon suite--but since we'd said this was our 22nd anni, I think it caught their attention.

So, Dennis didn't have to pay for anything (just a generous tip), that night--not the drinks, which would have been extra charge. We didn't get back to #6 cabin until 9:35. Dead tired, we went to bed.

The next morning they had a lavish breakfast buffet, and again we had that paid for in our Scrooge deal. So, again we left a tip.

The snow was pretty on the cabins and trees and they kept a walkway cleared. The people that work there are very nice. Always happy to try and please you.

There was a little journal in the cabin, which was fun to read through what other people had written. We learned that leaving pennies hidden somewhere was some sort of thing people did. So I hid two, finding only one in a drawer. I guess it was the "Lincoln Log" thing, I guess. But I left a 3-page journal entry. Of course I had to write something fictitious for about a page, about vampires and me saving everyone in the lodge. Then I went ahead and wrote about our stay, and left my blog site, too. A little shameless self-promotion goes a long way. You never know who will pick up the journal next and want to get their hands on my book.

Speaking of which, because the hostess really went to great trouble to make us comfortable during the theater/dinner, I gave her one of my other books, signed, of course.

I knew when we got this little get away set up that we would need it. It was relaxing, and other than walking to and from the restaurant, or the gift shop, we didn't go anywhere. They were selling Christmas trees and had horse-drawn wagon rides--free. But we've done this so much before elsewhere, plus it was so dang cold! Today we woke up to single digits, last night was really cold too!

So, while I took a nap Dennis had his football on--ear plugs were required, but he was really quiet while I slept.

This morning, we got up later than normal, even though the bed was not that comfortable, and since we had to wait until 8 before they served breakfast, we made ourselves some coffee and had a muffin, thanks to my planning ahead for this. After breakfast we packed up. I was sad. Our Little Cabin In the Big Woods adventure was at an end.

Now that I am back, I had told you that I had a little surprise. I'm going to be featured on VampChix this week--Wednesday, in fact. I've just sent off my piece to her, and hope that she got that okay.

I'm also getting a few more interviews set up all around the blog sphere, and will announce when and where these will take place, soon.

And. . . my copy of the book came today! Wow. It looks great! Dennis wants to read it, so I guess I'll let him lol. Looks really good. I'm going to try for the 8th of January. With the next few weeks our schedules will be really weird, one of us driving while the other one isn't--won't be able to do anything that week before Christmas, and then you have the week of Christmas, and then New Years. I'd rather wait until all the hoopla is over, and I'm not working to arranged for interviews and the book signing.


  1. It sounds like you had an excellent time! And yay for release day!!!

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like a great park.

  3. Yeah. We sure had a great time. The snow came at the right time. And then it got cold! Brrrrrr.


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