Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Suday Update

It's snowing here. But not as much as last week, thank goddess! And after this week, the temperatures will rise out of the teens and single digits, and we might someday see the end of Old Man Winter.

I see in news around the blog sphere that someone has finnally cast Johnny Depp as a vampire. I've always thought he would make a superb one. I've in fact cast him for the role as Jett Drakulya from my third book--but that's just my dream team.

The movie is a Dark Shadows remake and Eva Green has been cast to play Angelique. I think that her eyes are haunting, I'm sure she will make a wonderful Angelique. (I have not had a chance to investigate this, so give me a while, I'll get on this.)

I am currently doing pin-point edits on my second book. This involves going through with my "find and replace" option and finding certain words that I either use too much, or use and shouldn't use because of bad habits of writing. Like the word "just", or "so", or "very", and "suddenly"--the list goes on. Bad habits are hard to quit in writing.

As a matter of fact this brings up what I'm going to introduce to my blog. Not bad habits, so much, but something I will call "Frustrating The Writer".

This past week when I saw someone posting about one writer's use of adjectives throughout her books, I had a great idea for a new post. This blogger was wondering about this author's use of adjectives and how this very shameful rule-breaking was suddenly okay for this very famous writer. It came down to the fact that this was "her style" of writing. There is a big difference in what a writer's style becomes, and what rules they break. There's a thin line, in fact, when it comes to style and what is allowed.

My newest addition to Lorelei's Muse will be about rule-breaking in writing, not so much as to why they are broken, but there might be some of this as well. "Frustrating The Writer" will give my thoughts on this, and writing rules that best-selling authors break, and things I've seen, or experienced while trying to learn the craft. I hope to expose these rule breakers, explain a few and why they are frowned upon--or at least considered "pet-peeves" by agents and editors. My hope is to give any of you who are "new" to writing, or finding yourselves frustrated by the rules, that you need to understand that rules can be broken as long as we adhere to the most basic rules of grammar. Especially if you are trying to find your voice.

Well, that's it for my Super Sunday Update. If you are having a party today you are excused from visiting my blog until well after the guacamole dip and chili is consumed and the party favors are all picked up.(Wow, I actually knew how to spell guacamole--that's just wild!)


  1. Wow, he would make a great vampire. I'm looking forward to seeing that! Happy editing. I'm hard at work on the first draft of my historical fantasy. No football party for me today. My team hasn't made it to the superbowl for some time now.

  2. Yes. I've always thought he would. Come to find out he's always had an obsession with Barnabas Collins when he was young. He's wanted to do this movie, now for a while.

  3. Johnny Dep looks like a vampire. Anyway, looking forward to your blog on what frustrstes writers.

  4. I think Depp would be a great vampire. I think authors are intitled to their own style and rules no longer apply too well.

  5. Johnny Depp as a vampire... And Barnabas Collins, no less! What more could ya ask for?!

    I think you should follow your dream and sign him up!

  6. Love some Depp :) Btw, there is a great tool for finding repetitive words at


  7. Hey, looks like Johnny got all of you coming to my blog today. I hope to put together something about this movie soon.

    Rebecca, I've seen that before, too. That's a good place to start.

    Lizz, Johnny had an obsession with Barnabas Collins when he was young--I'll includ that with a soon-to-be written blog about this movie.

    Shelly and J.L. bot agree with my thoughts that Depp has a certain look that makes him vampire-ish.

    And as for the post on style and rules:
    I'll post this other blog tonight, or as soon as I can.

    Thank you all for coming by!


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