Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yeay! We made it to March!
Baseball has begun spring training in those warmer regions, birds are winging their way back to the northern states, and I've seen joggers in shorts (still too cold for shorts, I don't care!)

And today marks twenty-five years ago Dennis and I went out on our first date. Yesterday I went and secretly bought him a card and was able to place it somewhere he would find it when he got up after making the coffee. Tee-hee, that was fun. He liked it. The card on the out side said "Hello, I love you" on the inside it said "Hi, I still love you". Well, I bought it in the student center, but hey, it worked. Had a bright flower on it and everything.

We went and got a pizza so that we can just enjoy the evening.

I'm still working on the second book, which I'm nearly through again, but will put aside and wait and read through again. Want to make sure I've got anything that bothers me out, anything that seems I've repeated, or is wrong out of this one. Hard to write a sequel, because you know what went on in the last one, but you don't want to keep on repeating yourself.

Because of winter's grip on us, I've had to just come home and crash. Yesterday was no fun to drive in, but we do it. It takes a lot of focus to drive a bus in that kind of weather. Being a tad older than I was it just takes a toll on me.

So, gonna go and get in the tub and wash the bus grime off and just veg out a little.

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