Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring into Spring Fever

I'm needing a break and gonna get it in another week. I think everyone needs a break once in a while.

You know how you say something that's misconstrued and--well, I guess you sort of "screw" yourself because you misspoke. That happened to me today when I said something over our radio. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't a "bad" thing, I was being sarcastic and because my sarcasm has to be taken with a grain of salt--or possibly a teaspoon of salt--the guy who thought I was sort of making an indirect comment on something he'd just said over the radio took offence at it. And when I parked my bus and got off, there he was--all 6 foot and 200-something pounds of him.

Not really thinking that he'd come over to snarl at me, I said, "What's up" and he just sort of led off with the question if I'd meant "such 'n' such" and immediately I went to him, put my hand on him and told him not at all. I grabbed his arm and we spoke. He said he'd had a bad week. I assured him I wasn't making fun of what he'd said or tried to imply anything to the negative.

We all have bad weeks. I had a bad week last week. I seem to be saying things I don't mean, or things that can be taken wrong. I think it's something to do with Spring Fever. Yes. There is such a thing. I can't remember things, I can't talk right. Heck I probably can't even write right.

So, if I've offended anyone at all I'm so damned sorry. I tend to say things that some how come off as wrong and get misconstrued and I feel stupid for saying them. I know that I should just shut the heck up. Zip my lip. Say nada.

So, the guy--and I don't even know his name, if I ever knew it, I don't recall it--the student who drives one of the other 14-15 buses, he's going through it too. It's called mid-terms.

I grabbed his arm and we walked across the street together. "You need a hug," I said.
I felt his arm just sort of squeeze down on my hand as I had looped it under his, which told me he was forgiving me.

"No. What I need is a nap," he said.

We laughed and made disparaging remarks about our radios because that's exactly what the whole thing was about. Our radios go into this mode and we can't communicate with one another for a few moments--usually when we need them--the GPS system sucks.

I told him that I was glad he'd come over to me. He found out I wasn't the Witch of the North--or whatever he might have thought of me. We had rarely--if ever spoken to one another. Not even probably a "hi" at all. So, now he knows I'm a nice person, where as moments before he probably was cussing me out and wanted to rip into me for something that came out of my mouth while my brain was in a dumb mode.

So, that was a moment in my day. Believe it or not I didn't dwell on this. I took care of it. I have people get on my bus and talk to me and tell me about their day. I stop and let people cross the street between buildings on campus--all day long as I drive down Normal Road and get under way on my run.

I also was feeling under the weather and took 2 Zycams and one aspirin and hope that I can ward of whatever the heck invaded me while I wasn't looking.

So, this is my warning to all of you out there. If you are behaving strangely, can't remember things, feel like you need a nap in the middle of the day, out of sorts, irritable . . . blame it on Spring Fever.


  1. Spring Fever indeed. Glad you got it worked out though.


  2. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it! lol

  3. Spring fever indeed! I'm so using that excuse. Cause yeah, I have been known to be a bit cranky this time of the year. ;)

  4. Spring fever is contagious. I have it, too. lol

  5. And do you know we have time change coming up for those of you who live in states that observe it.

  6. Spring fever... nah, I just had a plain ole regular fever being sick with the flu and all. I've been absent for a short while now but am feeling better. But, ever since I got back on my feet my world has been slightly tilted and I'm feeling quite the same as you. Perhaps this time around it really is Spring fever.

  7. Lizz--welcome back. Hope the tilting thing goes away soon.


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