Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And Yet Another Review of Vampire Ascending

I feel I must post the reviews as they come in. Just in case anyone out there has not been convinced they should go get themselves a copy. Remember there is an ebook available. I'll have the link at end of this. But also it is on my sidebar.

So, after my friend, Jennifer A. Weydert kept forgetting to send my her review, and had to re-read my book again and again, and finally remembered, she send me her review on my facebook page. I've known Jennifer several years now. She loved my first book, Spell of the Black Unicorn, and wanted to read the second in that series, and since I just couldn't spend the money to self-publish it, I gave her a copy on a disk, and she took it to Copy Service and got her own bound version of Spell of Dark Castle. She is the only person who has another copy of that book.

So, without further ado here, in Jennifer's words is a review of Vampire Ascending.

"Creative and hip, SEXY and exciting, this latest release by Lorelei Bell has everything a good romance/mystery/murder/action/drama novel has to offer! I don't mind admitting it got my "womanly attributes" excited with the descriptive love scenes and lusty characters. But it also piqued my curiosity to follow the dram of the mystery as the murder unfolded. The vampire world is alive in Vampire Ascending, with all its little nuances to remind us of their supernatural presence. Every once in a while you'll come across a little nugget of humor carefully placed in just the right part to bubble up a giggle or spurt an outward laugh here or there.

Overall, though, it's a fabulous book, one I don't mind reading over and over again. The details are imaginative and provocative, stunning and seductive, thrilling and . . . shall we say magical? It sends you to the brink, but brngs you back to reality, and centers you right into the vampire world, where the supernatural are commonplace, and make you wonder what really is around your next corner. Bravo Lorelei! Keep Writing! :D


  1. Good for you, Lorelei. It's not easy to put your heart and soul into the reviewing hands of another. Congrats on the great press that you are getting!!


  2. Thank You Jimmy!


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