Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm a Muggle and Proud of it!

Well, I am. Can't be helped. I do try and make traffic lights change green for me--by twitching my nose like Samantha Stevens, but more times than not, it doesn't really work.

But for a few hours I will be among other Muggles watching Harry Potter movie, the very last installment of these seven books, and I'll probably need a box of tissue the whole time.

The books have meant something very special to me, since I had approached the first one unable to believe what all the hoopla was about. I mean, I thought it was a book for kids. Really. So why were adults lining up and snatching them off the book shelves? Oh, and later on, into the fifth book, or so, Walmart had PALLETS of the books. And they went fast!

I sort of lost my focus, but what I wanted to say about these books, as well as the films, is here in Rowling you have a writer with a very special talent who could create a character who practically popped out of the page and lived in your living room, or wherever, and even in your heart--as did all his friends, and the various different creatures that were likable. You saw the friendships grow, and remain stalwart right to the end, even when there were problems among them at times, they always simply found it again.

Also, J.K. Rowling allowed me to be a child again. This is wonderful. If it was just that, that would be enough. And it is, but it's more, since I'm also a writer. Her books inspired me to write fantasy. It was something I'd wanted to do for a long time, and just didn't have any ideas, or even a notion of how to write something that wasn't an epic. I needed something that was whimsical in a way, and yet more adult in content. And that's what Spell of the Black Unicorn became. My adult fantasy about a sorceress from another planet, stuck here on Earth, hiding from an evil sorcerer, which I self-published in '08.

I, of course, went on and wrote my vampire fantasy, Vampire Ascending. Something else I had wanted to write and publish, and was able to--finally!

So, I owe Harry Potter, and Ms. Rowling a debt of gratitude. Not that they would even know I exist, but I'm putting it out there. I think that's what these books were all about. To inspire in us the better human being and our creativity.

Here is to them and helping me keep the faith in my own writing.


  1. A lot of the same reasons we all love Harry and Rowling so much. I can't wait to see this tomorrow. I didn't think about it till you mentioned it, but I should probably bring some tissues as well!

  2. Oh, yeah. I just get so emotional at such things. But the trailers have looked very promising. I've heard that it has already grossed $44 million as of yesterday. Some say this film will make history and might be the first movie to hit $1 billion in ticket sales world wide sales when it's all finished.

    All the critics love it. I believe it might be nominated, as should the actors for oscars!

  3. Hi Lorelei! I've enjoyed the Harry Potter movies but for some reason never got into the books. My son loves them. He's read everyone of them and of course when he was younger took him to see all of the movies until he lost interest. I continued watching the movies, making sure to see them when they were on cable. I tried reading the very first book about a year ago but soon lost interest in it. She is a good writer, that's undeniable but something was missing that kept me from finishing it. I would love to see the final movie and I'm sure I'll shed a few tears as well. All you muggles out there, enjoy.

  4. Aw. Thanks Dora. I know you've been busy, sure glad you had a chance to stop by.


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