Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just To Get You All Excited for The BI-I-I-G NIGHT!

I know that a lot of you are going to go to the opening night of the very last (boo-hoo) Harry Potter film. Here is one of the posters from MuggleNet.

I'm waiting until the throng has been and gone and, along with all the other like-minded people who wait for the third or fourth week when we can have lots of elbow room at the theater and not have to sit next to someone's kids hopped up on too much sugar. I might be hopped up, but I can handle it. I've hung from chandeliers since a child and still can manage the sugar high--just joking. I've quit drinking pop (except for the occasional root beer float!)

So, since I know pretty much how it ends, I can wait.

Among things of a different sort, this morning as I was getting into the black beauty (F150) to go to work, Dennis looked down on the ground from the doorway after wishing me a good day and said "Ew! What's that?"

I powered down the window and saw the odd thing. Pink-sh and white. I couldn't make it out. I had to get out of the truck. Well, I could see it was the head of some animal, and the spine detached from the body--oh, and one paw. It was lying on it's back (although the back was no longer around anywhere).

I figured out quickly the animal which had been obviously eaten, and the prize head a token to head master of the house. It was an opossum. We have a semi-wild cat that roams the area, once in a while it will station itself under one of the trucks watching for little varments around the house to go after. Our little hunter. 

I remember the night my husband took out some milk for it. It ran off, but came back and drank the milk down. That was months ago. Well, I think Ms. Kitty (I named her, as she was a calico), merely returned the favor.

"She left you a token gift," I told him.

"There really wasn't much left to eat."Dennis joked.

"I said TOKEN gift," I reitterated. "She repayed you."

"D'you really think a cat could take down a 'possum?" he wondered.

"They're pretty slow."

"But it must have eaten the whole thing. That's pretty big for a cat to eat."

"Well, maybe she's hungry, or is eating for six or eight." I'd said it was likely she could be preggy, since our neighbors have a lot of cats.

So, as ishy as the head was, it was nice of Ms. Kitty to bring it around. Better than a skunk--which would have been quite nasty smelling.

Hope your week is going by smoothly.

(My spell check was not working in this, so I think I got all the misspellings, but if not, sorry)


  1. I'll probably wait until my kids get back in town to watch it, so I won't be there the opening weekend. I'll probably read all about it on the other blogs.

  2. Yeah. Me too.


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