Saturday, July 2, 2011

Milestone . . . ooo! I know this one!

Okay, maybe it's a not big deal, or earth-shattering news but here it is: "author works on her WIP, and achieves word count goals. FINALLY!" Big deal.

But it was a goal which had been glaring me in the face. It was being mean, taunting me: "You'll never reach it . . . na-na-na-na-nah!!!!" for months now, because I'd been too busy with the second book, Vampire's Trill, editing it so as to send it off to my publisher so that they can someday put it out there for those of you who are fans of Vampire Ascending, because you've been clawing me for the next installment.

Well, kidies, I've managed to get my book, Beyond the Black Veil -- a.k.a. WIP-- into a more healthy word count zone to be considered a novel, and not a novella, to 94,471 words, so humph! I'm nearly done with the first draft (which I've gone over the front part of it so much, playing and editing it to death, it's sort of a 20th/10th/4th/2nd/and 1st draft all in one. Yeah, I'm a fly by the pants writer. So get over it already!

And my week-long vacation ends soon *pooh*, and I go back to the bus driving *bluchk*. But I've had a great week, had some time away from this--went for a hike in the pines with my husband and we had lunch; we bought a few more things for the kitchen, and YAY! We finally have knobs on the doors and drawers (had to do this ourselves, but it's done)! Eventually I'll get shelving paper in all the cupboards & drawers. But it's been wonderful having a nice new kitchen.

Lastly, my book, Vampire Ascending, was one featured in Raven's Vampire Books newsletter. I received mine this morning. Looks good along with all the other books. I've told her about the eventual release of my next book--have not actual date as yet. They've just begun work on it, and I'm really excited about what sort of cover it will have.

Oh! and before I forget, I'm to have another interview on another blog later this month. I'll keep you posted, when it happens.

I've placed a few bits and pieces from Beyond the Black Veil on my other blogs, this one was a latest with Alucard having drugged Sabrina and he's the vampire with the foot fetish. This little excerpt is here, if you wish to read that.

Okay, I'm newsed out. Happy 4th everyone!


  1. Congratulations on reaching your writing goal! Whoo hoo! I know how hard that can be while you're trying to edit another novel. I'm in that boat right now!

  2. Oh, Heather, thank you. Only other writers know the stress we go through on the edits and so forth.



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