Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Muse

Yes. My husband and I went and saw HP#7. We went early, so that we had no one in front or on the sides of us wherever we sat.

I did pretty well most of the way into the movie, until we realize Harry has to face death. I had to whisper things to my husband now and then about things. I purposely didn't read the last book before seeing the movie. I didn't want to go into it knowing how things went--or reminded, I should say.

I loved the dragon scene. Holy cow, they did a great job with this effect, showing the dragon breathing heavily, after struggling out of it's confines in the depths of Gringots. But all the effects were super great!

I have to hand it to Rowling, the way she wove this story, making you wonder what the heck was behind Snape's absolute hatred toward Harry, and yet he did everything to keep him out of harms way--to a point, of course. Then you realized as you watched, or when you read the book, that behind it all was a love story. A story of unrequited love between Lilly and Snape (at least three tissues was used through this, and then I knew I'd better run to the bathroom or I wouldn't make it to the end and so I chose a spot where I knew the background and got back quickly).

I'm glad that they did end it years later, showing them all with their little ones going off to Hogwarts at the train station. I think it ended it well. But I've already got withdraw. But I'm dealing.

And so, this morning--woken up in the middle of the night thinking more about my 4th book--this morning I had to go to my notes to tweak a scene. I think you might like this one. You can find it at Lorelei's Archives, if you wish to read it. It's just a bit different from what I've been doing with the Sabrina Strong series, as I use a 3rd person on this, rather than the first person POV. This one is in Tremayne's voice. The title of this post is "Scene from Book #4 "Crescendo". So, head on over, if you wish to read it. Let me know what you think, if you want.

Also, again, I repeat this as much as I can: I am unable to see my "followers", so if you are new, and want me to visit your blog, let me know who you are and where I can find you--leave a link, or I can find you by hitting your picture maybe if you leave a comment? I think that would work. But yeah. My followers window is absolutely blank for me. I've not found a solution yet, and probably won't.


  1. Hello, Lorelei. It's interesting that you say that about your followers window. Mine has been blank, too. I did notice as I scheduled a post last night that the preview window showed them. I thought it might be a glitch, so I've paid it little mind. Hmmm?
    My 17 year old has seen HP-7(2) three times already. He was at the midnight showing as well. My wife and 13 year old have seen it twice. I liked it, but never read past book one, so I wasn't as big a fan as the rest of my family.
    Have a great week.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Jimmy!

  3. I'm going to see HP tomorrow and can hardly wait!

    That's so strange about your followers. I can see them. I wonder if it's your operating system? How frustrating, you poor thing!

  4. I really can't wait to see this one. I have seen them all and I am so excited to watch the last one.


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