Thursday, August 4, 2011


I usually do Hunks Thursday, but I've something more important to do today.

My friend Heather McCorkle is having a fantastic give away!!!

The Secret of Spruce Knoll, a YA urban fantasy by Heather McCorkle is being released this month and as part of her celebration, she is having a wonderful--and I do mean WONDERFUL--give away with not just one prize, but 3 prizes!Now, just so you know, her contest begins next Monday, and ends on August 31st. So, there's time to check things out over at her blog.You may go here to view it.

You have to be a follower, at least, and then comment on her blog. You can also gain points for everything you decide to do. And since Heather and I go way back, I'm posting this so that anyone who comes to my blogs--that's right, I've reposted this on two other of my popular blogs--will see it and head on over to Heather's blog to find out what you can win and what you need to do to WIN-WIN-WIN!

I hope that this will be a BIG BASH CELEBRATION for Heather, because she deserves it!


  1. You are possibly the sweetest person ever. :) It's so surreal to see my book cover out there in the world like this and it only seems appropriate that you're the first person to feature it. You've been such a wonderful supporter and friend to me over the years. (((hugs)))

  2. xoxoxox back

    And yep. I do know what it's like and exactly what you are going through. I was very new at this when Spell of the Black Unicorn came out, thus I had only local support. I think with your backing, and lots of friends, and you'll dig in for the long haul, you should do fine. I'll be watching in the wings to see what new adventures/thrills/spills this will bring you.


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