Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank Goddess It's Friday

Suit cases are out. This means we are about to get ready to leave for a very short, but very much needed vacation. It might only be 3 or 4 days, but we need to get away. My husband especially, since he has not taken any time off, except to quit early during those very horribly muggy/hot days. Working outside for a living is one of the hardest things anyone must have to do. (He has come in and changed clothes--down to the underwear-- because he is sopped in sweat!)

I have had this past week off to get my thoughts together, work on my WIP, and get some notes taken, find some information out for the book, and get some words down on the "page". And this has been needed. It has been wonderful to just let my brain work on my characters/scenes/motivations/dialogue, etc. I've managed to get to my 81st page, and have over 30,000 words on my 4th book. This is just too easy! Well, easy, only when I get the time to do this. I would normally be driving a bus right now, in fact, if my husband hadn't told me to take 2 weeks off, I'd be driving one right now. So, a big thanks to him.

Now, the only reason I can get this much done even while I'm home is because I don't have children. I would have all the time in the world if I didn't have to take care of the house, feed my husband, and water my flowers--oh, and eat and do dishes. My husband takes care of the laundry. While home I get it into the dryer and take it out etc. He also makes evening meals, now and then. So, kudos to a supportive husband. This is really the one thing a writer needs is supportive family who understand that when you are working, they have to leave you alone. Not making this clear only frustrates you, but time will fly by you will be in your 60's and your husband will say, "Let's live in Arizona, do this and that...blah-de-blah, blah, blah. (This is what happened to my Mom-in-law, who should have been published before she died, but never got the chance.)

But really, once you are ready to write you have to do one other thing for yourself. I know this is the only way it works for me. GET OFF THE INTERNET!

Setting aside times when you can go and do whatever you wish to do there is fine. You give yourself 30 min or an hour, but you have to make it an allotted set of time. Then, cut yourself off. I have a phone modem and so I unhook the line so that I can't possibly get back on line and do anything.

Just for fun:
Yesterday I checked on RV's by Jayco. I have to share the inside of one of the top-of-the- line called "Embark". When my husband saw these pictures, he had the same reaction: "I want that!"
We both would love to own this and travel around in when we retire. It's just the right size too!

the galley

the bedroom
 Well, that's it for me today. Enjoy your weekend. 


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Oh man I want one of those RV's in a bad way. ;)

  2. I know what you mean. It's a nice size too. Not one of those buses!

  3. You know, for $241k and change, it's a pretty good deal! If you wanted to drive to your retirement in style, and just sell the house, I bet you could about break even.

  4. I'd love to, if only i owned a house.


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