Friday, August 26, 2011


Okay, so this girl is turning a year older, and I decided I would have a little party for those of you who follow, and/or are fans of my vampire series, and even my newbies coming in from all over the globe. Wherever you hail from, stop by.

My birthday is TOMORROW, so, if you are smart you'll pop in and see what I'm giving away.

I'll have a couple of rules, but they won't be hard, especially if you already are followers. It will be one winner. I'm looking for well-wishers and so forth, so bring your party hats, and party favors, I'll be blowing out the candles--all twentyfifty-eight of them. Please stop by, the party will continue up thru September 1st, just in case some of you can't make it the first day or so.

Hope to see you here wishing me a happy birthday!


  1. I will be there with bells on! Wait, why do people say that, who would wear bells?!

  2. We're not sure, Heather. But come on over!


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