Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Platform Building Campaign #3

Aspiring authors, bloggers, lend me your ears . . . or eyes.
If you've been out there blogging and getting nowhere, maybe your are an aspiring author, or maybe you have authored and published a book or two, but still have trouble getting people to come post at your blog, get noticed, get the word out that you are out there. *raising hand*

Well, here is some good news for a change! There is help. And it comes from Rachael Harries who has done this three years in a row. It's called Writers' Platform Building Campaign. This is to build your online support, and who doesn't need this, right?

I saw this on one of my blogger buddies' sites this morning and went and checked it out. WOW! By the time I had found it, over 180 other's had not only found it, but signed on. I think I might have been #184, maybe to leave a comment.

To view more about this go HERE, as I've just been trying to gather information for myself today after I got home from work. But, the campaign is designed to not only get support from others, but to give it out as well. So, what are we all waiting for?

The list of Campaigners will be closed on August 31st, so join up now!
Every Friday Rachael will be running a Campaigner Notice-Board, where you can announce blogfests, book launches (wow, just in time too, for my second book coming out in September!) Looks like I'd better go and look into all I've got to do to be part of this. So, see you all out there!


  1. Yeah! Glad you are joining in on the fun. This will be my first time doing it as well, but I am excited about it.

  2. Me too. Just don't know what's expected. Or what to do from here out.

  3. Hello! I am also in the urban fantasy group. Just stopping by to say hello! :)

  4. Ah, yes! I've been searching out people in my group, I think you're one I stopped in on! Hi, Hildred!

  5. Woo hoo! We are in the UF group together! Looking forward to campaigning with you =)

  6. Yes! Woo Hoo!
    And thanks to all who have stopped in and joined my followers! I can't see who all you are, but I'm assuming it's from the UF Group coming in to check me out! Thanks!

  7. Hi, Lorelei. I'm also in your Urban Fantasy Group. It's nice to meet you! :)

  8. I joined! It looks like a lot of fun.

  9. Hi,

    Think we are all going to have a lot of fun on the campaign journey.

    Happy to have found you as we write the same sort of stuff

    Couldn't see the RSS feed button on your blog?

  10. Hi, Maria. I just went to your blog and made a comment on a past post. Hope you see it. I'm happy to make your acquaintance!


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