Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Ba-a-a-ack!

We have just gotten back from our "road trip" to the north woods. Oh, my goodness that was a very nice trip while we were up in the northern part of Wisconsin and edged a section of Michigan, and were in pine and mixed woods that whole time.

Seeing Lake Superior was a great experience and we do want to return when we can enjoy it for a little longer than a day. We stayed in Eagle River. Oh, and we saw the bald eagle when we first got into that area, and then we saw 2 later on while trying to enjoy viewing the lake at a beach. We wanted cool weather, well, we sure got it.

I'll have to write more on this adventure later.

We didn't like coming back home, through Iowa. We've just been over the same ground so many times it's boring. Plus a lot of road construction, and we had a time of it just trying to find a place to stay. Motels had what they call a "black-out" going on, so we couldn't even use our AARP for a discount. GOUGERS!

But the Republicans were there doing something, and there was a state fair also commencing to start (today), and we had to take a room, but the beds had pillow tops (my back did not complain this morning).

Then we were making our way back home. We have a choice of the toll road (I 88), or I-80. Dennis wanted to get home a little quicker and decided on I-88. We were not on it for more than a mile and we saw traffic at a dead stop up ahead, and emergency lights, and smoke. An accident! We had dawdled at a welcome center, got lunch and just enjoyed the nice day. Had we left a little sooner, one way or another we might have either avoided it, or had been right behind it when it happened.

I saw a car up ahead of us do an illegal U-ie, on that drive that they have between the west bound and east bound lanes, and I said "Make a U-turn!" to Dennis. He did.

Back to plan B, we were on I-80. We ran into more one-lane roads for construction zones, and decided to get off of this early, head over to a small town near our area, and grab something for dinner (meatloaf).

We got home at around 2:30. My contract had been sent from my publisher, and it was sitting on my doorstep. And it had rained on it. ]=' I had figured that would happen. So, I brought it in. It was mainly dry except for the bottom edges, and so I used the fan on them and dried them out. I think it will be fine. A little ripply at the bottom, but fine.

So, it looks like everyone has been going about their business and I'll have to get back into the groove.

See you all tomorrow!


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