Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something to leave you with

Eric with the hair cut
at least for a few days.
Since my Hunks Thursday was interrupted for my announcement for Heather McCorkle's book tour and give away, I thought I would bring it back today as my parting post.

We are heading north. To the north woods. Wisconsin, up to Lake Superior. Then we'll drive along the lake for great views. Then we'll swing into Duluth Minnesota. We've heard it is spectacular. Thus a camera will be with me.

Eric before the hair cut
  We should be back by Thursday, so you won't be without me for very long.

Okay,Did you like Eric with the long hair or now with the styled short hair.

Leave me a comment below!!!


  1. Have a great time, and hope you post the photos you take :)

  2. I hope to. Still have old film type camera, but I'll see if I can get pics of the new kitchen as well!
    Thanks for stopping by, Pillow of the Community[=

  3. Enjoy your trip hon! And thanks so much for interrupting Hunk Thursday for me, I was very honored! Wow you came back with a bang though! I'm a HUGE Eric fan, and must say, I like the short hair. And I'm usually a long hair kind of gal when it comes to Vikings. ;)

  4. Yeah. I just made a comment over on my facebook wall that his hair wasn't the kind he could wear long. It just wasn't a Viking look for him. I usually like longer hair on men.
    HOWEVER, I thought this style suited Eric, esp. since he was in charge of his area 5, I thought it was yuppy enough for him.



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