Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shelter From The Storm . . . sort of

Mansion from Dark Shadows

Hi all my little lurkers and stalkers. Today I'm taking time out to thank one blogger for giving me an award. I Dig Your Blog Award comes from the mysterious, and yet very talented--and don't let anyone say different--The Enigmatic, Masked Blogger: The Blogger Formerly Known As And I thank her from the bottom of my little black heart.

I'm supposed to pass it on to five other people. But really, this is a bit much. I do like a lot of you bloggers out there, but I believe sending an award out to several people at a time sort of cheapens the award, if you ask me. Thus, I'm giving this award to one blogger who I have just recently discovered--to Emma of Little Gothic Horrors. She's from Australia, and has a keen sense of the comically weird, the Gothic grotesque rather than the gory horror. I love this, since I am not a big fan of gory horror--not movies, not TV, not books. I quit reading horror books a long while ago. I do, occasionally pick one up to read if I happen to know the author. But I do not tend toward it, and I don't do so in my writing, only when necessary do I pull out some horrific stuff, but I'm not a Stephen King.

And since I've linked to the person who gave me the above award, and passed it on to only one person--because I'm lazy--I'll post 5 unineresting interesting lies facts about me.

1). I live in boring northern Illinois, and hate the summers and winters. I like the fall the best when it is low humidity, and the leaves all turn colors and people get all excited about Halloween, and the next day winter hits!
2). Halloween could happen all year long and I wouldn't mind it. I want to live in a Halloween world.
3). I once asked Tom Selleck to marry me, but he was going through a messy divorce at the time.
4). Asked Paul McCartney to marry me. He was too busy being Sr. Paul.
5). I did meet and get Lou Feriggno's autograph, but he was married.

Lou Ferrigno at the N.Y.
Comic Convention

So, Emma, please accept my award which I pass on to you on this, my busy Sunday  morning. I hope to enjoy more of your enjoyable blogs!


  1. Thank you so much, Lorelei, from the bottom of my own little (black) heart!! The very best thing about blogging is the friends we make along the way and I'm extremely pleased to have (virtually) met you, and discovered your fabulous blogs!!

    And, by the way, with hindsight, I suspect that Paul McCartney deeply regrets not having chosen you for his bride!!!

  2. I've linked to Lorelei's Muse in my "Thank you" post. I posted the "I Dig Your Blog" badge only recently, so I have put up your gorgeous avatar in its place.

    Once again, thanks so much!


  3. Congrats to you and Emma! I love the idea of giving an award to one person, it seems like it means more that way. :) And I totally agree about Halloween! If it were Halloween all year I'd be in heaven. ;)

  4. Thank you, Heather! I think we need to start a club called Halloween Every Day, or some such nonsense!


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